The Facts on Life After Death (Harvest House, 1992), p. 21


Can NDEs precipitate the onset of psychic powers and contact with spirit guides?


Richard Kohr is an educational researcher with the Pennsylvania Department of Education and a member of the research committee for the 40,000-member Association for Research and Enlightenment (founded by the famous medium Edgar Cayce), a group specializing in psychic practice and dissemination of occult material. Dr. Kohr also concludes that the NDE incident per se tends to lead to accelerated psychic development.* He remarks, “It is interesting to note that a variety of studies have revealed linkages among psi [psychic abilities], transcendent states, psi-related experiences, and NDEs.”*

The all-loving, all-encompassing “Light” is the characteristic feature of the NDE.* As Dr. Morse says, “There are several ways to tap this spiritual energy. My guess is that the psychic powers to do so exist in all of us and that given the time and desire we could see the Light without having to die for it.”* Indeed, through psychic development this happens all the time in the world of the occult.

With the onset of psychic abilities following the NDE, perhaps it is also not surprising that many people encounter personal spirit guides. For example, “Barbara stated that she has had more clairvoyant and telepathic experiences since her NDE….She says that she is much more intuitive [i. e., psychic] than she was before and more in touch with an inner source of wisdom and has increased contact with spiritual guides.”*

All in all, spiritistic encounters during and/or after the NDE appear to occur in a significant number of cases—in at least 20 percent and possibly up to 40 percent.*

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on Life After Death.