The Facts on Life After Death (Harvest House, 1992), pp. 27-28


What is the NDE view of God?


The NDE generates a firm conviction concerning the existence of God. But, whatever else it may be, the “God” experienced by NDErs is not the biblical God. Many NDErs think they have encountered the biblical God or Jesus. Unfortunately, this appears to be a misperception based on people’s spiritual expectations from a nominal exposure to Christian belief.

First, this God is not necessarily personal. The NDE God is described in terms such as the following: “An undeniable omnipresent force.” “It is not a person, but it is a being of some kind. It is a massive energy.”*

Second, this God seems to be indifferent to evil. For example, one NDEr relates, “I remember I knew that everything, everywhere in the universe was okay, that the plan was perfect. That whatever was happening—the wars, famine, whatever—was okay. Everything was perfect. Somehow it was all a part of the perfection, that we didn’t have to be concerned about it at all.”* This, too, is in harmony with the philosophy of the East and the occult.

Third, God may also be perceived in pantheistic terms so that “God is all, all is God.” Another NDEr’s comment typifies this: “I seem to have greater awareness of all living things and that we are all a part of one another and ultimately a part of a greater consciousness, God.”* A former atheist concludes that now, “I know that there is a God. And that God is everything that exists, [that’s] the essence of God….Everything that exists has the essence of God within it. I know there’s a God now. I have no question.”* And, “I think of God as a tremendous source of energy….We are [all] God.”*

Finally, after the NDE, God is often seen as the originator of all religions, and NDErs may find they desire a universal religion that embraces all humanity.* The conclusion is: “No matter what religion you are in, of the five major religions…you are still worshiping the one God, no matter what you call it: Allah, God, Jesus, or whoever.”*

All this reveals that the “God” that many NDErs encounter is not the biblical God.*

*For full documentation, see The Facts On Life After Death.