Fact a Day: June 22nd

The Facts on UFO’s and other Supernatural Phenomena (Harvest House, 1992), p. 20


Who are some of the leading UFO researchers who recognize that UFOs are an occultic and/or demonic phenomenon?


In Journal of UFO Studies, Vol. 2, 1990, near-death-experience researchers Kenneth Ring and Christopher J. Rosing of the Department of Psychology, University of Connecticut, suggest that UFO experiences (UFOE) and near-death experiences (NDE) are in many ways “functionally equivalent.” (The Omega Project: A Psychological Survey of Persons Reporting Abductions and Other UFO Encounters,” in Journal of UFO Studies, New Series, Vol. 2, 1990, p. 59) For example, they report that individuals who experience encounters of UFOs or NDEs as adults had frequently become sensitive to occult realities as children. (Ibid., p. 71) They also observe, “There are wide-ranging and powerful, psychophysical changes following either a UFOE or NDE.” (Ibid, p. 76) Among the common items experienced in both categories are an increase in energy currents in the body, mind expansion, information flooding, and psychic abilities. (Ibid, p. 77) They conclude that, apparently, “Psycho-physical changes reported in connection with UFOEs and NDEs reflect some sort of psychobiological transformation.” And they propose occult kundalini energy as a possible or probable explanation. Thus, “Kundalini activation is much more likely…to be reported afterward by experiential respondents than controls, and, as before, this is equally true for NDErs and UFOErs alike.” (Ibid, p. 81, cf pp. 79-80