The Facts on UFO’s and other Supernatural Phenomena (Harvest House, 1992), p. 44


We believe that the lack of evidence for the extraterrestrial hypothesis and the failure of all other theories to adequately explain UFOs require that the demonic theory not be ignored. This theory is bolstered by the harmful physical, psychological, and spiritual effects of UFO encounters, possession cases, false gospels, and much more. Consider the unethical and unbiblical orientation of the UFO entities and their teachings, their bizarre behavior, and the scores of undeniable occult and demonic correlations. Consider also the innumerable close encounters that are deliberately staged events for the benefit of the viewers, which suggest a plan to deceive. Their “earth” orientation historically and the fact that all UFO phenomena are consistent with the demonic theory indicate that this explanation is the best possible answer for the solution to the UFO mystery.