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Fact a Day: June 3rd

The Facts on the False Views of Jesus (Harvest House, 1997) p. 8



What is the Jesus Seminar?


The Jesus Seminar (JS) aptly illustrates the subtly deceptive reasoning of liberal critical biblical scholarship in general. In 1993, the conclusions by the JS were published in a large, detailed text titled The Five Gospels: The Search for the Authentic Words of Jesus: “The scholars have taken the keys of knowledge and hidden them” (Thomas 39:1*, cited in The Five Gospels, p. x).

According to the Los Angeles Times (November 25, 1978), when the Jesus Seminar was first loosely organized it had only several members and hoped to enlist 12-15 biblical authorities to vote on every word of Jesus to decide which were the most authentic and which were “put into his mouth” by early church tradition. Project organizer Robert W. Funk, a former president of the Society of Biblical Literature, said the purpose of the seminar was to determine what Jesus really said.

*Considered the fifth Gospel by the JS, the “Gospel of Thomas” is fraudulent and Gnostic.


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