Fact a Day: March 19th

The Facts on Holistic Health and the New Medicine (Harvest House, 1992), pp. 12-13


What are bioenergetics (neo-Reichian bodywork) and Reichian therapy (orgonomy)?

Bioenergetics or neo-Reichian bodywork was developed by Alexander Lowen, a disciple of Wilhelm Reich’s Orgonomy or Reichian Therapy. Reich (1897-1957), who dabbled in the occult, wrongly believed that the cause of many physical and mental disorders and illnesses was the inability to achieve a satisfactory orgasm. Thus, supposed sexual dysfunction helps produce “character armor” and a psychological-physical response to the stresses of the outside world. Character armor could allegedly be loosened through “full orgastic gratification.” In other words, Reich believed that for a patient to be cured he must be able to achieve gratification in the sexual act. He was convinced that blocking of sexual “bioenergy,” which he called “orgone,” was due to armoring—a condition that results from energy being bound in a muscular contraction and not being allowed to flow through the body. Reich proceeded to explore the therapeutic use of so-called orgone energy, which he also believed was the alleged “life energy” of the universe….

Bioenergetic therapy has two aspects. The first part involves the physical bodywork—bioenergetic exercises—in which the individual assumes yoga-like postures and performs breathing exercises in order to allegedly help relieve muscular tension which is obstructing the flow of energy.

Second, bioenergetic therapy utilizes counseling to discuss and analyze the individual’s feelings before or after he has been treated. …

The effectiveness of bioenergetics has never been established and these therapies may encourage a client toward occult pursuits.

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on Roman Catholicism.