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Fact a Day: May 29th

The Facts on Jehovah’s Witnesses (Harvest House, 1988), pp. 34-35


Does the Watchtower Society admit to false prophecy?


Jehovah’s Witnesses have admitted serious errors. In their official Watchtower publication, Man’s Salvation (1975), they now admit that Charles Taze Russell was wrong in his 1874 prediction of Christ’s second coming.* They admit that they were wrong in their 1914 prediction.* They admit that they were wrong in their prediction of 1925.* They admit that they were wrong about their prediction in 1975.*

Yet in that same year in their 1975 Yearbook they claim that for over a century “Jehovah’s servants” have “enjoyed spiritual enlightenment and direction.”* What do you think? Does the evidence show they have passed the second test they themselves laid down, namely that any prophecy given in the name of God must come true? Have their prophecies come true 100 percent of the time?* If not, can the Watchtower Society claim it is God’s sole channel of communication to men on earth today?

*For documentation, see The Facts on Jehovah’s Witnesses.


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