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Fact a Day: November 17th

The Facts on Psychic Readings (Harvest House, 1997) pp. 6-7


Why are psychics and psychic readings so popular?


There are many reasons for the modern revival of interest in the psychic realm. In our documentation of the dangers of psychic practices, The Coming Darkness (Harvest House, 1993), we discussed a number of them, including 1) the failure of rationalism, secular humanism, and materialism as comprehensive world views; 2) a spiritual vacuum resulting from the cultural abandonment of Christian beliefs and values; 3) the explosive growth of new religions and cults; 4) the influence of rationalistic, liberal theology which rejects the supernatural, thus denying the human need for transcendence; 5) a new parapsychological/New Age view of human potential and the reclassification of psychic powers as something natural and normal, hence legitimate; 6) the freedom from conventional morality offered by the psychic world view and 7) the fact that there is a genuine supernatural world that may be contacted which provides one with power and knowledge normally unavailable.

Also, people are uncertain, even frightened, concerning their future. The relativism and insecurity of the post-Christian age leads people to seek security and absolutes in the realm of the psychic, where supposedly, authoritative answers to life’s problems can be found. Unfortunately, the psychic realm is probably the most insecure and risky place one can look to for answers and meaning in life.

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on Psychic Readings.


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