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Fact a Day: November 19th

The Facts on Psychic Readings (Harvest House, 1997) pp. 10-11


What can psychics do that makes them different from the rest of us?


Although many, and perhaps most, psychics would claim there is no ultimate difference between a psychic individual and one who is not psychic, this is simply not so. Psychics may make this claim only because they believe everyone has the ability to develop the same powers they have, powers that are residing latent in the mind.

The truth is that all people do not have the ability to tap into latent, natural psychic powers because such latent, natural powers do not exist. What psychics tap into is the one or more spirit-guides who proceed to work through them in an unknown manner for their own purposes. However interfaced with or mediated through the human organism, genuine psychics with supernatural abilities derive their power and knowledge from this source. To illustrate, Enid Hoffman is a psychic and medium and author of Develop Your Psychic Skill. On the one hand, she declares that “your psychic abilities are as ‘normal’ as your physical eyesight and hearing.”* But then she proceeds to describe how she developed her own psychic abilities through seances.

Initially, would-be psychics may only contact what seems to be some impersonal source of energy or power having no discernible location or source. As they maintain a relationship with this power, sooner or later, they find that they are able, more or less “regularly,” to do things that normal people cannot do. These include such things as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, psychokinesis, out of the body travel, channeling and remote viewing.

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on Psychic Readings.


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