Fact a Day: November 21st

The Facts on Psychic Readings (Harvest House, 1997), p. 15


What can we conclude about psychics when examined and compared historically and today?


Why is it important to look at psychics historically? Because today it is wrongly assumed by many that those with psychic abilities are simply tapping into the “higher powers” of the mind. It is assumed there is nothing supernatural involved with psychics or their abilities since they are only using this “untapped potential.” But if we examine psychics historically, we see that psychics are no different from mediums and spiristists generally. Spiritually speaking, they belong to the same family. In other words, in earlier generations, psychics would have been termed mediums, spiritists or even sorcerers. Today, the “difference” between them is largely one of semantics. While it is true that psychics as a whole do not specifically do what seance mediums do (i.e., hold seances to contact the dead), it is nevertheless true that they tap into the same source of power, contact the same spirits, and exhibit the same abilities of mediums and other spiritists.

Anyone knowledgeable about mediums and spiritists knows that these individuals traditionally claim to get their powers and abilities from the spirits they contact. If psychics belong to the same family, then this is where we should expect they receive their source of power—not from some nebulous, undemonstrated “human potential.” Thus, it is those who argue that psychics should not be classed with mediums and spiritists who share the burden of proof: they must offer at least some evidence to show that psychics are somehow different from spiritists.