Fact a Day: November 26th

The Facts on Psychic Readings (Harvest House, 1997), pp. 28-31


How are psychic powers developed?


Psychic powers are developed in three principal ways: 1) heredity, 2) psychic development and 3) transference.

There is little doubt that psychic powers can be hereditary. We surveyed some of the evidence for this in The Coming Darkness* and it is discussed by authorities such as Dr. Nandor Fodor, Dr. Kurt Koch, Dr. Merrill Unger and others. As Dr. Fodor states, “In most cases mediumship can be traced as a hereditary gift. If the heredity is not direct it is to be found in ancestors or collaterals.”*

Psychic development is a second means to become psychically active. … There are a hundred different ways to develop psychically from attending seances, to developing altered states of consciousness, self-hypnosis classes, yoga practice, and visualization methods. However, when there is no hereditary transmission, psychic powers developed this way may take months or years to emerge successfully. The point here is that without specific occult instruction and technique, these powers are not developed. If the potential psychic development is only present to those in the proper “environment” (occultism, proximity to spirits), then there is no potential to develop psychically outside that context.

Third, psychic powers may also be transferred from one psychic to a student or understudy. For example, the more powerful Eastern gurus … could transmit occult power that would “open” their disciples to the psychic realm. The transmission of occult power from guru to disciple in initiation (Shaktipat diksha) or at other times, can have an extremely dramatic impact on a person’s life.

In conclusion, psychic abilities are not from God; they are not divine gifts and they should never be confused with the gifts of the Holy Spirit mentioned in the Bible.* Psychic abilities are spiritistic powers invariably associated with occultists and occult practices.

*For full documentation, please see The Facts on Psychic Readings.