Christ died for all, but not all have heard. You can help.

There are 4,000 languages the bible has not been translated in. God’s son died for every person in those unreached languages, they just haven’t heard the message. Not everyone can take God’s word to the nations in person. We can help you bring this news through your gift.

$30 will share the Gospel with someone who has never heard

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micro sd card

How your gift helps

There are at least 10 billion smart phones in the world right now. This microSD card will fit into many of those phones and allows people to have a copy of the Bible in their language. 

We know not everyone can go and take God’s Word to the nations in person, but through your gift, we can help you bring this life-changing News to the world. Your help can lead those who need Him most to know Jesus.

Other ways to help

MicroSD Cards are just one of the ways we provide the Gospel to new listening groups around the world. If you're interested in giving more here's how your gifts can impact these unreached people.

MicroSD Cards - As small as the tip of your finger, these tiny chips can be inserted into mobile phones, and people can hear the Word of God for the first time in their own language. As a thank you for your gift of $30, a micro-SD card will be provided to a pastor or Christian worker overseas.

BibleSticks - Think of this like an iPod with one story - the most important story will ever hear - on a loop. As a thank you for your gift of $100 a BibleStick will be sent along with a micro-SD card.

Audio Proclaimers - Over 1,000 people at a time can clearly hear this innovative piece of technology (Dr. Ankerberg had to hear it for himself to be convinced). It can be powered by solar energy or a 10-minute hand crank! More than 2 million pastors overseas have requested one of these Proclaimers to lead their ministries. As a thank you for your gift of $500 an audio Proclaimer will be provided for a pastor overseas.

Unrecorded New Testament Chapter - Before Bibles in new languages can be distributed they must first be translated and recorded. As a thank you for your gift of $5,000 an audio recording of an entire chapter of the New Testament will be recorded.

Your impact is greater than you can imagine.

Watch as one man receives his very own audio Proclaimer to be shared among his people. 

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    Help us spread the Gospel to those who have never heard

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