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Ep 1 | Unraveling the Mystery of the Rapture

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Join Dr. Ankerberg as he interviews theologian Dr. Renald Showers and Middle East journalist and prophecy scholar Dr. Jimmy DeYoung in a fascinating discussion of what the Bible teaches regarding the Rapture, its timing, and how it impacts our lives today.

Featured Guests: Dr. Renald Showers and Dr. Jimmy DeYoung GET SERIES
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Ep 1 | The Messiah Provides Healing through His Pain

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Isaiah 53 speaks directly regarding the pain the Messiah would endure on behalf of his sheep. Do these details fit the punishment endured by Jesus? In this session, we’ll consider the evidence that connects these prophecies with what took place hundreds of years later in the suffering and death of Jesus upon the cross and discover an astounding number of features that highlight Jesus is the suffering servant.

Featured Guests: Dr. Walter Kaiser and Dr. Darrel Bock GET SERIES

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