Imagine someone hearing God’s Word in their language for the first time.

Through our partnership with Faith Comes by Hearing, we have reached more than 2.4 million people in 40 countries and 124 languages with God’s Word. Thank you for your help! With 2.8 billion people still waiting to hear the gospel, we still have a great opportunity in front of us. 

You can help others hear God’s Word!

These audio Bibles make it possible for those who cannot read or do not have a Bible in their language to hear God's message. Weekly groups started with just one Audio Proclaimer can grow into local churches. Many people are beginning a relationship with God through these listening groups every day.

We realize that everyone can not physically go and take God's Word to those who need to hear. Through your gifts, you can join us and become a part of something bigger without actually going. Your donation can help those who need Him most to know Jesus.

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Why are Audio Bibles vital?

  • Audio Bibles are essential in areas where many people can not read well enough to understand a printed Bible
  • Audio Bibles are vital in villages where people read but still prefer oral communication.
  • Audio Proclaimers are used for people to be able to hear and understand God's Word where there is a significant shortage of pastors to teach them.
  • Audio Proclaimers are used to start listening groups where people will listen to the entire New Testament and discuss it.
  • Audio Bibles are allowing lives to be transformed for eternity!

Your gift allows people to hear God’s Word for the first time!


SD Card

With your gift of $30, a micro-SD card will be provided to a pastor or Christian worker overseas. When these micro-SD cards are inserted into mobile phones, people can hear the Word of God in their own language.

$100 | SD Card & Biblestick

SD Card & BibleStick

As a thank you for your gift of $100 a micro-SD card containing the Bible for the mobile phone of a pastor or Christian worker, and a BibleStick for one of 65.3 million people living in refugee camps will be provided.

$500 | Audio Proclaimer

Audio Proclaimer

As a thank you for your gift of $500 an audio Proclaimer will be provided for a pastor in a foreign language. Over 1,000 people at a time can clearly hear this special audio device. 


3 SD Cards, 3 BibleSticks, & Proclaimer

As a thank you for your gift of $1,000 the following will be provided: 3 micro-SD cards, 3 BibleSticks, and 1 Proclaimer to those requesting God’s Word. Many lives will be impacted for eternity through these audio Bibles.

Give Now!

Be a part of spreading the Gospel to those who desperately need it.

The John Ankerberg Show is a viewer/listener supported ministry. Your gifts help make this broadcast possible.

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