Good News in the Midst of Turmoil

When your religious freedom is being threatened, you can take courage from the fact that God still reigns, and the church is still precious to him. 


About the Package

The Faith Package Offer includes 3 series featuring Dr. Erwin Lutzer, pastor of Moody Church, radio host, and best-selling author,.  The first series is Where Do We Go from Here? Join Dr. Lutzer, as he presents five disturbing cultural trends that may be irreversible unless God intervenes. He then shares five unshakeable biblical truths Christians can rely on in a world of chaos and decline. Then in Faith at the Breaking Point, Dr. Lutzer and Dr. Ankerberg help viewer explore: Why does God allow the trials we face? How can we know God still loves and cares about us? When we face dry spiritual times and God seems far away, how should we respond? In Hope for Those Who Doubt Their Salvation, Dr. Lutzer explains: Saved for Sure, Overcoming Doubt: How do you overcome those doubts, to be brought to the point where you say, “Yes, I know it’s okay. I’m going to Heaven.” For Doubters Only: There are still some people who have a tough time in having confidence in their salvation. What do those folks need to do? 

Where Do We Go from Here? and Faith at the Breaking Point DVD packages include both Blu-Ray and Standard DVD discs.

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