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Will you help the Russian and Cuban people hear the Gospel?

Our friend Hannu Haukka with Great Commission Media Ministries has asked us to partner with them for an urgent need in Russia and Cuba where the doors are closing quickly to the Gospel.

Great Commission Media Ministries has helped churches in 100 mega cities of the world conduct evangelistic campaigns to get millions of people in their city talking about, thinking about, and asking questions about how Jesus can transform their lives. Through these evangelistic events there have been:

Follow up materials are desperately needed before the doors close for getting resources into Russia and Cuba!

Will you help?
Send the book "Power to Change" to the people of Russia and Cuba in their language. "Power to Change" contains stories of influential people and common people sharing how Christ transformed their lives. These books being distributed contain a clear gospel presentation and those who receive it are placed in a comprehensive follow up process with local churches.

The Need is great!

Russia = 1 million copies needed
Cuba = 150,000 copies needed

Russian cover
Cuba cover

  • FOR A GIFT OF $30 you will provide 45 books for either Russia or Cuba.

  • FOR A GIFT OF $100 you will provide 150 books.

  • FOR A GIFT OF $500 you will provide 750 books.

  • FOR A GIFT OF $1000 you will provide 1,500 books.

  • FOR A GIFT OF $5000 you will provide 7,500 books.

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The John Ankerberg Show is a viewer/listener supported ministry. Without your gifts, these resources would not be possible.