The Evidence from Astronomy that Points to an All-Powerful Creator


The Evidence from Astronomy that Points to an All-Powerful Creator

Dr. Hugh Ross is a Christian astrophysicist who has spent his life studying the universe and seeking to understand God’s creation.

By the age of 16, he realized there was clear evidence that the universe had a beginning. He realized that if there was a beginning, there must have been a Beginner. So he began his search for the “who” and the “how”.

Dr. Ross explains in this series that God has given us two books: the book of nature--what we can find out about Him from what He has created--and the book of Scripture, God’s written record of all He wants us to know. Do they agree? What does each tell us about God?

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Dr. Hugh Ross

Hugh Ross is senior scholar and founder of Reasons to Believe, an organization dedicated to communicating the compatibility of science and the Christian faith.

While in college, Hugh committed his life to Jesus Christ after his study of cosmology convinced him of the existence of a Creator, specifically the God of the Bible.

Hugh holds a degree in physics from the University of British Columbia and a PhD in astronomy from the University of Toronto. After five years on the Caltech faculty, he transitioned to full-time ministry and still serves on the pastoral team at Christ Church Sierra Madre. His writings include journal and magazine articles, hundreds of blogs, and numerous books—The Creator and the Cosmos, Why the Universe Is the Way It Is, Improbable Planet and Designed to the Core, among others. He has spoken on hundreds of university campuses as well as at conferences and churches around the world and participates in the weekly Stars, Cells, and God podcast.

When I looked at the universe, I realized there has to be a cosmic beginner. And I wondered what or who that cosmic beginner was. So, I began not even knowing if it was a person. But as I began to look at the universe in detail, and its subcomponents, I realized this has to be the agent of a personal being because of the amount of investment and care and design He put into the universe throughout its entire history to make our existence possible.


I’ve had several dialogues with Paul Davies where he says, “I like what I see in Christianity, but I can’t handle the baggage.” I think we need to help them overcome that baggage. Yes, we’re all sinners, and therefore we shouldn’t be surprised that there are sinners in the church, that there’s things we don’t like. But we can work to rectify that. That’s what we’re called to do: transform the church into what Christ, the Creator of the universe, wants it to manifest to the world.


And that’s something I notice about humanity: regardless of their philosophical worldview perspective, they all have the sense that we possess some kind of purpose, value, and destiny. Where did that come from? That’s not something you’d expect from an evolutionary process. And it’s built only into human beings. The rest of the life on planet earth doesn’t share that.


Well, today, over 5,000 planets outside the solar system have been discovered. None of those planets are anything like any of the eight planets in our solar system. And this led astronomers to the discovery, not only must earth be fine-tune designed to make possible existence of humans, all eight of the planets in the solar system must be fine-tuned.


Well, there’s a principle you see described in the Psalms and the book of Job that the more we learn about nature, the more evidence we will uncover for the supernatural handiwork of God.


Romans 1 says that as we look at nature, we not only see clear, unambiguous evidence that there is a God beyond space and time who create it all, it says it also reveals His personal attributes. So His character of care and love and compassion for what He created; His desire for beauty to be expressed in what He creates. And so, we can learn all about His attributes.



More to the Story


What led Dr. Hugh Ross to become interested in the night sky and in quasars?




You will learn compelling evidence from astronomy and physics, evidence so powerful that even many atheistic scientists have been forced to admit that some sort of God or at least a “Designing Intelligence” may well be behind what we see in our Universe.




By the age of 16 Dr. Hugh Ross realized there was clear evidence the universe had a beginning. He realized that if there was a beginning, there must have been a Beginner. So he began his search for the “who” and the “how” in the book of nature and the book of Scripture.

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Is it possible as one scientist asked, that we have “stumbled upon scientific proof of the existence of a Supreme Being?” The evidence of design in our universe is so compelling that many scientists who have long held to atheism are finding themselves compelled to entertain the notion of a designing intelligence behind it all!




In The Creator and the Cosmos, Dr. Ross focuses attention on 20th century discoveries in astronomy and physics that contribute profoundly to the credibility of faith in the God of the Bible.



Foundation created by Dr. Hugh Ross

Reasons to Believe (RTB) was established in 1986 by world-renowned Christian astrophysicist, Dr. Hugh Ross. Initially a skeptic, Dr. Ross was later convinced by evidence that words of the Bible are trustworthy.

From a tiny office in Sierra Madre, CA, and a small crew of volunteers, RTB quickly grew. In 1995 RTB unveiled the first Christian website which by now has expanded into a wellspring of articles, blogs, and videos. In 2003 Reasons Institute was launched—a premiere provider of science apologetics courses. RTB is homebase to a number of communities, such as our scholar community, apologetics community, regional chapters, and Monthly Partners.

Over the years, a team of scholars has come alongside Hugh in this quest to show how science reveals God. Together these scholars have taken the gospel worldwide, bringing scientific evidence for the God of the Bible to more than a dozen countries on five continents. In July of 2022, Dr. Ross entrusted his CEO title and the organization’s leadership to one of his most accomplished colleagues, biochemist Dr. Fazale “Fuz” Rana.

Through the strength of its supporters and by the guidance and grace of God, RTB boldly continues to fulfill its calling to “Go into all the world and preach the Good News.” Its message remains unchanged: Nature and Scripture come from one and the same Source.


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