June News Update

Do you remember when you first got saved? I do. I experienced the joy of knowing God had forgiven me of my sins and promised me heaven.

As a result, I wanted to tell people I had received Jesus as my Savior. I told my whole family that I had asked Jesus to come into my life. Then, I felt a desire to tell other people.

I wondered where that desire had come from. As I began reading the Bible, I realized that all the people Jesus saved, He told, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15).

In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”

I never dreamed I would go to the mission fields of the world someday. I simply started by trying to be a witness for Jesus where I was—at my high school.

I quickly learned that God could use someone like me who did not know
a lot. I started a Bible club during my high school days that grew to over 400 students. In my senior year we led over 110 students to the Lord. It was the Lord’s doing.

Then God opened another door for me in college. I discovered that if you let Him, God can open many things for you.

In college, I started a weekly Bible study that grew to more than 100 students. Then my last two years at the University of Illinois, God gave me a way to gather students on a university campus and talk to them about Jesus. As a result, God let me speak on 78 university campuses to 500-1,000 students a night.

Students’ questions led me to seminary, grad school, and doctoral studies, to learn how to answer the questions many of them asked me.

During my high school, college, and graduate years, my father, who was an evangelist, invited me to preach with him in different countries of the world.

We conducted crusades in countries throughout South America, the Islands of the Caribbean, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Africa, and Europe.

It was during this time I realized people from different nations did not have a Bible in their language. Others could not read. But I learned what Jesus meant when He said, “As you have done it unto the least of these you have done it unto me.” God cares for the poor, and those who have never heard about Jesus.

Back in America, a friend of mine started a Christian television station and wanted me to make some TV programs for him. I lined up debates between Christian and non-Christian scholars on different questions that college students had asked me, and I chaired the discussions.

God blessed the TV program, and after 40 years it is still going. God opened the door for my life’s work and miraculously made it work.

When I met Morgan Jackson, he was already using audio Bibles to reach different nations. I immediately sensed God wanted me to partner with him and help him. And in a short time, God blessed our partnership.

At Christmas I asked you to help us provide audio Proclaimers to reach specific countries. Before December you had made it possible for us to provide audio Proclaimers to reach about 2.8 million people.

But your gifts since then have made it possible for us to bring God’s Word to over 3.5 million people in 40 countries speaking 120 languages.

Further, according to worldwide statistics, one audio Proclaimer will be listened to by 90 people. And of the 90 people listen, approximately 45 will become new Christians.

That means that about 1.75 million people have come to faith in Christ because of your gifts and prayers. Further, many have gone on to be discipled. In one year, they have listened to the entire New Testament two times.

Today we all know that there is a shortage of missionaries. Further, many countries restrict Christian missionaries from coming into their countries. But Jesus still commands us to preach the gospel and disciple new believers. But how?

Romans 10 asks, “How will they [unbelievers in other nations] believe unless somebody preaches? And how will they preach unless somebody goes? But how will somebody go unless they are sent?”

There are two ways I have answered that question. First, I have taken our TV programs into 200 nations and translated them into as many languages as we can. Second, I intend to provide audio Proclaimers to as many people as I can.

This month I am going to ask you to join me in providing audio Bibles for Peru, Southeast Asia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, India, the Philippines, and Uganda. I cannot get away from Jesus words, “As you have done it unto the least of these you have done it unto me.” These people certainly need help. Why?

Last year we provided Proclaimers for these nations, and the groups we started are all growing and pleading for more. They are also fighting the virus. Will you help me provide more audio Bibles for them? If so, please remember this.

God has provided some wonderful donors this year who have promised to match any gifts given for any of the audio Bible devices that we offer on TV.

This means that first, if you give a gift of $500 for one audio Proclaimer, your gift will be matched and you will actually provide two audio Proclaimers, which on average will win 90 people to Christ and disciple 180 people.

If you give a gift of $1,000, your gift will be matched and you will provide four audio Proclaimers. And because of your help, I believe God will use the Proclaimers you provide to lead 180 people to Christ and disciple 360 people.

If you give a gift of $2,000, your gift will be matched and you will provide eight audio Bibles, which will lead 360 people to Christ and disciple 720 Christians.

Then second, gifts of $30 are very important. Why? Because your gift will be matched, thus providing two micro-SD cards for people. A micro-SD card can be inserted into any cell phone, even if it is not connected to the internet, and it will immediately allow people to hear the whole New Testament in their language and watch the Jesus Film.

For a gift of $60, your gift will be matched and you can provide four Micro- SD Cards.

Then third, for a gift of $100, your gift will be matched and you can provide two micro-SD cards and two BibleSticks. For a gift of $200 you can provide four Micro-SD cards and four BibleSticks. BibleSticks are personal digital players that are battery-powered and come loaded with an audio Bible and earphones.

And fourth, for a gift of $1,000, your gift will be matched and you can provide 14 important items including six micro-SD cards, six BibleSticks and two audio Proclaimers. Further, your gift will also help us present the gospel on TV in cities overseas.

And fifth, for a gift of $5,000 you can fund the audio recording of one entire chapter of the New Testament in one of the 4,000 languages where right now no audio Bible exists at all. Further, your gift will be matched with the goal of recording, one, two or three brand new language Bibles where right now none ex- ist.

If you wish, you may call us at 1-800-805-3030 right now, 24 hours a day, to give your gift. Or you may give your gift at our website, jashow.org, where we have a secure place for you to give. And when we receive your gift, we will send you a receipt and a personal thank you.

And Darlene and I will appreciate your help very much.

John & Darlene