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Science and the Bible | June 2024 | Issue 4


Dr. John and Darlene Ankerberg | May 17, 2024

Picture yourself on a lonely country road at 2 or 3 o’clock at night.

As you look up at the sky you see a spectacular display of stars covering the heavens. They are beautiful.

You know that there are many planets among those stars and can’t help wondering, are we alone in the universe? Or is there alien life somewhere out there?

Scientists believe there are about two trillion planets in the universe and two hundred billion trillion stars.

When the Pew Research Center asked Americans do you believe we are alone in this universe, about two-thirds or (65%) said they believed that intelligent life exists on other planets. And 76% of those under age 30 agreed with them.

Other polls show that 41% of Americans believe UFOs (unidentified flying objects) are evidence that alien life from other planets have come to earth. Moreover, 16% of people claim firsthand sightings of UFOs. Even fighter pilots and pilots of commercial aircraft have reported UFOs flying next to them and watched as they would suddenly fly ahead and then quickly go straight up in the sky. Such maneuvers defy the laws of physics. There have been millions of reports of UFO phenomena from people in nations around the world.

In addition, reports started accumulating of human contact with these alien beings, including reports of alien abductions. For national security reasons, the United States government became interested in the UFO phenomena in the early 1940s.

Today, Congress and high-profile Pentagon officials are conducting hearings on UFOs. In 2020 they changed the official name of UFOs to UAPs, or Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena, so they could document unidentified craft maneuvering in the air, space, or in the sea.

As followers of Christ, how do we make sense of the potential presence of extraterrestrial life in our world? Do UFO phenomena challenge the foundations of biblical teaching? Or might UFO phenomena serve as one of the most compelling proofs that a biblical understanding of reality is indeed accurate?

We have called our TV series, “UFOs and Alien Abductions.” My guest will be astronomer Dr. Hugh Ross. His programs will start after our series with Morgan Jackson about Audio Bibles.

Concerning Audio Bibles, let me say a big thank you to you for your gifts to provide Audio Bibles. We are now reaching 17,264,923 people with Audio Bibles in 83 countries, speaking 253 languages. According to the folks at Faith Comes By Hearing, half of those people, or 8,632,481 people have accepted Christ as their Savior. We praise the Lord!

After our series about Audio Bibles, we will air our new series on UFOs, then I will be interviewing Joni Lamb from the Daystar Network, and then Anne Graham Lotz on Revelation.

Till the Whole World Hears,

John and Darlene

Podcast Series: The Mystery of the Missing Fossils


This month our staff wanted to share their picks with you for our focus on science and the Bible. We are excited to share their recommendations with you and explore how these two seemingly different worlds can actually complement each other in profound ways. Join us on this journey of discovery and uncover the incredible connections between faith and science.

Over the years, many people have written in to us asking about the "New Earth" vs. "Old Earth" creation debate. In this classic series, Mr. Ken Ham and Dr. Jason Lisle (representing young Earth creationists) debated Dr. Hugh Ross and Dr. Walter Kaiser (representing old Earth creationists). It's so interesting to hear what each of these Christian scholars believe about the start of the universe!


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This interview with Dr. Stephen Meyers is so authentic! He discusses his journey to believing in Intelligent Design, and I love that his story reminds us that even our large, metaphysical scientific questions are not too big for God! 

- E. Dean

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Lights in the Sky & Little Green Men

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‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’ As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’

For over four decades, The John Ankerberg Show has been dedicated to addressing the most pressing questions of our time, always striving to present and defend the Christian faith. Today, we find ourselves confronted with a topic that has captured the public’s imagination and challenged many peoples’ understanding of the world: UFOs.

Recent revelations, including the exposure of undercover Pentagon programs, the release of government video footage, and the compelling testimonies of high-ranking military officers before Congress, have reignited the conversation surrounding this enigmatic phenomenon. As a ministry, we believe it is crucial to engage with this topic head-on, exploring its implications for our faith and our understanding of reality.

A 2019 Gallup Poll revealed that 16% of Americans claim to have personally witnessed something they believed was a UFO. This significant statistic underscores the widespread nature of these encounters, making it imperative for our ministry to address them. Given that many of us know individuals who have had such experiences, we felt it was necessary to bring in an expert like Dr. Hugh Ross to discuss UFOs and expose their dangerous ties to the occult.

By delving into the beliefs and experiences surrounding UFOs, we have a unique opportunity to challenge the prevailing materialistic worldview and open the door for meaningful discussions about the supernatural. As people grapple with the data, many are finding their beliefs in a purely physical universe increasingly untenable, creating space for a deeper exploration of faith and the nature of existence.

Our goal in this series is to engage both skeptics and believers alike, demonstrating the explanatory power and coherence of the biblical worldview in light of the UFO phenomenon. By examining the evidence and exposing the deceptive nature of UFOs and their ties to the occult, we seek to offer clarity and freedom to those troubled by these experiences. As we address the difficult questions raised by this topic, we aim to direct all people to Jesus Christ, the sovereign Creator and Redeemer who alone can satisfy the deepest longings of every human heart.

Join us on this fascinating journey as we unravel the mystery of UFOs and discover how this intriguing topic provides compelling evidence for the Christian faith.

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