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God says to make disciples of all nations. But how?

Living out God’s call to make disciples of all nations doesn’t require you to uproot your life and move across the world. Even from your own living room, you can make a difference.

All too often, we think of missions work only in terms of being in the field, but so much more goes on behind the scenes to get missionaries to the places they are called.

That’s why we frequently work with other organizations to pool our resources, like we do with Faith Comes By Hearing for our God’s Word to the World mission.

“So why is God’s Word to the World important, and what is it?”

GWTW was founded to help the huge number of people who:

  • speak one of 4,000 languages that don’t have a translated Bible, or,
  • can’t read, therefore can’t access God’s Word.

Through this incredible program, lives have been changed and hope has been given to so many through audio Bible options that are portable and don’t require advanced technology.

Families in developing countries can use an audio proclaimer that is solar charged to listen to inspiring Biblical teachings and spread His Word around their village. Although it might seem unbelievable to us, many of these people are hearing the name Jesus for the first time through this program.

In places like southern India, a remote tribe of Koya people received clean water wells built through Faith Comes By Hearing, as well as audio proclaimers with chapters of the New Testament in their language, Telugu.

And, this has inspired villages to play these proclaimers over a loudspeaker, so every villager can hear God’s word at the same time.

We never cease to be amazed at the work this program does to provide audio Bible SD cards for individuals to put in old cell phones and larger proclaimers which can be heard by many people, like what happened with the Koya tribe.

“So how can I help the Koya and other remote people without going there?

While the amazing men and women who travel to share His word in these areas are an inspiration, the reality is, not everyone can do this. And that’s okay.

Because your support of them is what allows them to do this.

Even if you’re just reading this blog on your couch or at your desk, you have the power to share this story by posting on social media and talking to your friends. By telling people who are able to give financial support, you help make a difference.

And if you can donate to allow us to provide an SD card or a proclaimer? You’ve already done more than most to spread His Word and give hope.

The missionary who began Faith Comes By Hearing tells the story of how he realized no one could read the Bibles he was giving them. He says it was basically as helpful as putting Bibles on the moon — a heartbreaking realization for someone who has devoted life to telling others of Jesus’ love.

For those of us blessed enough to grow up in a country where that isn’t a daily reality, it is so important to remember there are refugees in other countries who are suffering and desperately need the comfort of God’s love. There are families who have no clue what they’re missing, because they’ve never heard Jesus’ name and story.

And, most importantly, remember that you have the power to do something about it, to make a difference in their lives.

So if you want to help the 2.8 billion people, the oppressed, the refugees, the illiterate, and so many others, please consider giving here and sharing this story.