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Ankerberg Monthly Letter November 2014

I trust everything is going well for you this month. I want you to know I am very thankful for your friendship to our ministry. We have had a busy summer and fall and time is moving by quickly. It is hard to believe we are in the month of November, closing in on Thanksgiving and then Christmas!

One of my friends posed a question to me that I have not been able to get out of my head. He asked, “John, do you really think it is possible to reach every person in the world with the gospel in our lifetime?” What do you think?

About 5 years ago I would have said I didn’t think so. People around the world speak 7,000 different languages. At that time more than 6,000 people groups did not have a Bible in their language. Even if they somehow managed to get a Bible in their language, 50% of the people in the world would not be able to read it anyway. I didn’t believe it could be done.

Yet, from the time Jesus was here on earth, He has commanded us to go and make disciples of all the nations. In the last 5 years, God has changed my mind. I now believe we can reach the whole world in the next 10 years.

It started when God put a desire in my heart to air our TV programs across Europe in prime time on Sunday nights. When we pursued this, God miraculously opened the door. What we didn’t know was that when He opened the door for Europe, He opened the door to 155 other nations. The response from overseas was immediate.

From that moment, God has opened one outlet after another, and now nearly 4 billion people can turn to a channel in their home and see our TV programs, hear the gospel, and listen to Bible teaching.

In addition to our worldwide English telecasts, we now broadcast across India in Hindi and to 120 nations via satellite where Hindi is spoken. We also air in Tamil, and soon in Telugu. In total, these broadcasts reach 80% of India’s television homes. On top of all this, we now have the opportunity to broadcast on another large network that airs to nearly a billion viewers in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

There are also a couple of other reasons I think it is possible to reach the whole world in the next 10 years. The United Nations has said that by the end of this year there will be more smartphones on the planet than humans; by 2018 there will be 10 billion smartphones in the world.

In the last two years we have begun providing the video of our television programs on smartphones across the world—and we are doing it in the world’s top 12 languages. We are also partnering with Faith Comes by Hearing to offer 844 translations and audio recordings of the Bible on mobile phones and other devices for people who cannot read.

There is a lot more God is bringing to us, but I think you get the idea. Here is where I appreciate your friendship and partnership in our ministry so much. We could not have accomplished all the things God has led us to do unless you had been there to help us financially. Today, your help is crucial to our ability to present and defend the gospel around the world.

I would like to ask for your help in a special way during this month so that we can continue coming into your home and broadcasting in 206 nations in 4 different languages.

During the last few weeks, 4 Christian families heard the news of what God is opening to us overseas and have graciously promised to match every gift given to The John Ankerberg Show up to $425,000! This means any gift you give this month will be matched dollar for dollar, making your gift twice as powerful in helping us reach people around the world for the Lord.

We live in a historic moment. God has opened many significant opportunities to us, but we need your help to reach more people for Christ.

This Month on Television

To explain the importance of this historic moment, my guest on television this month is Morgan Jackson, Director of Faith Comes by Hearing, an organization working with 728,000 churches worldwide to bring the Bible to every person. Morgan will discuss the tremendous need to provide a copy of God’s Word in text or audio to people who have never heard.

He told me a heartbreaking story of a missionary who was asked by a young man, “Do you have a Bible in my language I can read?” The missionary said, “I’m sorry, but there will never be a Bible in your language in your lifetime.” Can you imagine?

Faith Comes By Hearing works with Bible societies around the world to change that and currently offers 844 translations of the Bible that more than 5 billion people can read or listen to in their native language. Their goal is to provide the Bible in 2,000 languages in the next 36 months. And they have graciously given us permission to add all of these Bibles on our app and at our website.

How You Can Help

I’m sharing all of this so I can ask you to prayerfully consider helping us serve all of these people worldwide. I hope you believe God cares for those who have not yet heard the gospel even once and wants His people to do all they can to reach them.

I also know you give sacrificially to our ministry. As I have thought about you, I wanted to select a unique collection of TV programs and gifts we could send as a thank you for your help.

First, if you would prayerfully consider giving a gift of $100, as a thank you I would like to send you the following special TV series:

“What’s So Exciting About Heaven?” and “Heaven: What Will It Be Like?” with best-selling Heaven author Randy Alcorn.

“World Chaos and Biblical Prophecy, Part 1” and “World Chaos and Biblical Prophecy, Part 2” with journalist and prophecy scholar Dr. Jimmy DeYoung.

“Why Sharia Law Threatens Freedom and Human Rights” and “Trapped Behind the Veil of Islam” with former Sunni Muslims Dr. Emir Caner and Dr. Ergun Caner.

Also, our 5-program series with Morgan Jackson entitled “The Time to Reach the World with the Gospel Is Now.”

  •            If you will give a gift of $25, as our thank you, you may choose any 1 series from this collection.
  •             If you will give a gift of $50, as our thank you, you may choose any 2 series from this collection.
  •           And again, if you will give a gift of $100, not only will your gift be matched, but I will also send you all 7 series from this collection as a thank you.
  •            If you will give a gift of $500 or more, you will receive all 7 television series above, plus a beautifully etched glass decorative piece with the globe of the world inset, and the words, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel.” 

Finally, if God leads you to give a gift of $1,000 or more, your gift will be matched up to $425,000. Further, I will send you you all 7 television series, the etched glass decorative piece, and a custom designed, black piano finished plaque featuring a silver and blue panorama of the world with Jesus’ words, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel.” (See reply card for a picture.)

The Ankerberg Christmas Catalog

This holiday season I also want you to benefit from the special packages and prices available in our exclusive Christmas catalog. Check out the great resources we are providing from our programs with Joni Eareckson Tada, Dr. David Jeremiah, Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, Lee Strobel, Dr. Erwin Lutzer, and many of our other guests. These resources serve as perfect Christmas gifts or for your own spiritual growth.

I know that as a follower of Christ, you want to leave a legacy of changed lives. Can you think of a better way to impact people than through sharing the gospel and Bible teaching through television, Internet, and mobile devices? Again, let me thank you for your generosity and partnership in reaching the world with the gospel.

For the sake of the Gospel,

Dr. John Ankerberg