Ankerberg Monthly Letter September 2014 - Ankerberg Theological Research Institute, John Ankerberg Show

Ankerberg Monthly Letter September 2014

When you receive this letter Darlene and I will probably be in Mumbai, India (formerly Bombay). What happened? I accepted an invitation to speak at a Christian Media Convention there on September 3-5.

I certainly did not anticipate flying to India, but believe God opened a unique opportunity for us that was too important to turn down. This conference will include about 300 key local pastors (who realize they need to use the media to reach their people), as well as the owners of the Christian television networks and channels in India (on which we would like to broadcast in Hindi).

India is home to 1.2 billion people. One out of every 7 people on the planet is from this single nation. This Christian Media Convention was started last year by the National Religious Broadcasters (of which I am a board member).

I have been invited to speak to the entire convention. I will also have the opportunity to meet with the 200 to 300 key Christian pastors who will be attending this media convention in a private meeting.

Second, in the pastors’ meeting I will talk about a project we are developing to train and teach new Christians in India regarding how to share their faith with others, including basic Christian doctrines (about Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit, salvation, the gospel, etc.). It is estimated that in the next 10 to 15 years there will be 400 million new Christians in India. We would like to help teach them and place solid Bible content in the Hindi language on their smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Third, this convention will allow me to meet with Christian television station owners in India to individually negotiate contracts for translation and airtime. Just one of these networks broadcasts via satellite to more than 75% of India’s population in their own language and reaches out to Hindi speakers worldwide in 120 nations. Further opportunities may also be open to us to broadcast in the Telugu language spoken by an additional 74 million people.

You have witnessed how God has opened doors for us overseas in the last few years. This is another huge opportunity God is opening to us. Your gifts have enabled us to bring the gospel to many nations and languages. I ask for your prayers for God to provide the funds needed for securing airtime in India so we can minister to the 1.2 billion people there. I look forward to sharing the results of this meeting.


World Chaos and Biblical Prophecy

Do you think world events are going from bad to worse? On September 10-12 we will be back in America to record a special television program with news journalist and prophecy scholar Dr. Jimmy DeYoung on “World Chaos and Biblical Prophecy.” I have asked him to report on the following:

The war and attempts at peace between Hamas and Israel in Gaza

  • ISIS terrorists setting up an Islamic caliphate in Iraq that includes violent death and persecution of close to 3 million Christians and Jews
  • The growing anti-Semitism around the world
  • The rising tensions at the Temple Mount between Jews and Muslims
  • Iran and its failed nuclear agreements
  • Turkey and Qatar’s continued support of Hamas and ISIS
  • Russia’s growing world power and the crisis with the Ukraine

How do the very events we are seeing in the world relate to biblical prophecy? This two-part series featuring a total of six programs will be available in early October. However, you can pre-order Part 1 and Part 2 now on Blu-ray and DVD. As part of our package, I will also include our series “The Alignment of the Nations” for your gift of $99. See the enclosed card for details.


Are Mormons Christians?

When we aired one of our programs on the Mormon Church last month, we received a big response. People asked us to air more programs in the series because their friends (along with 56% of Americans) are increasingly unable to distinguish whether the Mormon Church (LDS) is a different religion altogether or simply another Christian denomination.

Make no mistake; the LDS Church is a pagan religion that teaches each Mormon they can become a god themselves. My first guest for this series is Sandra Tanner, the great-great granddaughter of Brigham Young, the second prophet of the Mormon Church. Sandra came to faith in Christ as an adult and leads Utah Lighthouse Ministry.

You will also hear former Mormons, Michael and Dr. Lynn Wilder. Lynn was a professor for several years at Brigham Young University, while Michael served as a bishop responsible for approving those worthy for Temple recommends in the Mormon Church. After their son came to faith in Christ during his Mormon mission, Michael and Lynn began to read the New Testament and discovered the Jesus of the New Testament as their Savior.

We are making a lot of wonderful materials available to you in our package on Mormonism. It includes the three programs in “Are Mormons Christians?” the three programs in “Questions Every Mormon Should Ask,” and the two study guides corresponding to these two series.

We are also including one of our classic television series with the late Dr. Walter Martin entitled “Mormon Officials and Christian Scholars Compare Doctrine” along with Dr. Lynn Wilder’s important book 7 Reasons We Left the Mormon Church–all for your gift of $99.


16 Prophecies That Prove Jesus Is the Messiah

On television this month I am continuing our series “16 Prophecies That Prove Jesus Is the Messiah—Part 1” (four programs that come in both the Blu-ray and DVD version for a gift of $49) and “Part 2” (four programs available for $49). My guests include Dr. Walter Kaiser, Distinguished Professor of Old Testament at Gordon-Conwell Seminary, and Dr. Darrell Bock, Senior Research Professor of New Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary.

This package also includes two new study guides with extensive notes that outlines all of the Messianic prophecies we presented in this series. Each study guide includes four sessions and is available for a gift of $8 each, or five or more copies for $5 each.

For everyone who orders this package of materials for $99, I will also include my book written with Dr. Walter Kaiser and Dr. John Weldon called The Case for Jesus the Messiah. This 230-page book presents different Messianic prophecies; describes the context of each passage, gives the explanation of each prophecy, explains why the biblical passage refers to Jesus, and shares why this text was recognized by the Jews as Messianic before Jesus lived on earth. These prophecies prove that if Jesus was not the Messiah, then there is no Messiah, and there can be no Messiah.

This conclusion is also proven in a fascinating and definitive manner by our brief yet simple discussion of the mathematical probabilities that show the Messianic prophecies could not have been fulfilled in Jesus by chance. When you order our $99 package this month, I will include this informative book absolutely free.


Would You Partner with Us to Help Fulfill the Great Commission?

I can’t remember a time when we have had the opportunities we have today to reach people for Christ around the world. You could help immensely by enabling us to purchase airtime for a year on stations and networks—including broadcasting in Hindi—across India. I estimate the airtime for one year at about $280,000. This is in addition to our ongoing needs to broadcast in your home, community, and worldwide.

I know you have a heart to serve the Lord and to bring the gospel to people in need. We have the opportunity to present the gospel, solid Bible teaching, apologetics, and discipleship resources right away with your help.

If you can contribute toward the $280,000 we need this month, I will be very grateful. I cannot do this without your help. As God leads you, I look forward to hearing from you.

For those still waiting to hear,

Dr. John Ankerberg