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There are believers with questions, skeptics seeking answers, and those who have not yet heard the Good News in any form.

You can help make the Good News of Jesus Christ known.

Your support enables the ministries of The John Ankerberg Show to continue, including the production of our weekly program which is broadcast to 4.5 billion viewers in over 200 countries! People are seeking real answers to real questions. By giving to The John Ankerberg Show you are supporting the following ministry areas:

Weekly television broadcast in the US and Canada

International Broadcasts and Translations

Radio broadcast

The JAshow.org Website with thousands of pages of free resources

Streaming services allowing "unplugged" viewers to continue watching the weekly program

JA Show App

JA Inspire Discipleship courses (now in 13 languages)

Social Media platforms

Continued research and development of print and video resources

Global Communication Center - expansion of our ministry offices

Staff Support


With important theological questions coming in each week, your gifts allow The John Ankerberg Show to continue ministering to these individuals and providing quality resources that defend and explain the gospel message to those who need to hear.

Our partnerships with other ministries like Faith Comes by Hearing have allowed us to expand our reach exponentially. Through your gifts to this initiative, 950,000 audio bibles have been provided to people in over 59 countries so far, allowing many to hear God’s Word for the first time.

There are still so many who need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, and we at The John Ankerberg Show are committed to answering real questions and doing everything we can to reach every man, woman, boy and girl with the love of Christ. Thank you for making a difference with us!

Your donation brings the Gospel to the world in many ways.

Without gifts like yours, we wouldn't be able to continue the mission to spread God's Word. Thank you.
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