Ankerberg Classic: Ep. 1 | Should the Catholic Church Elevate Mary’s Status to Co-Redeemer, Mediator of All Graces, and Advocate of Mankind?

What is meant by giving Mary the title of “Mother of God”? Have false assumptions about Mary’s power and influence arisen? What is the Catholic doctrine of “Mary?s Immaculate Conception”? Is the Catholic assertion that Mary was a perpetual virgin biblical? Did Mary have other children after the birth of Jesus? At the end of Mary’s life was she taken up, body and soul, into Heaven? Should Mary be called “Queen of Heaven”? Has she been coroneted and is now reigning with King Jesus Christ? Is there scriptural proof that Mary should be called Co-Redeemer or Co-Redemptrix of the universe? Is Jesus Christ the one mediator between man and God?

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