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How Do We Know the Bible is True?
How did we get the Bible? Isn’t the Bible full of myths and legends? Why do Christians believe the Bible is perfect? How do we know the words haven’t been changed?

107 pages,  Cat:  #CSB – B, Copyright:  2008,  Book:  $10

Why Does God Allow Suffering & Evil?
Why do bad things happen to good people?  Why doesn’t God do something about suffering and evil?  How could God really send anyone to hell?

107 pages,  Cat:  #CSE – B,  Copyright:  2008,  Book:  $10

How is Christianity Different from Other Religions?

Questions about Christianity aren’t going away.  Don’t all religions lead to God?  Isn’t it enough for a person to be sincere?  What happens to those people who haven’t heard about Jesus?

106 pages,  Cat:  #CSR – B,  Copyright:  2008,  Book:  $10

How Do We Know God Exists?

Is God really out there? How can we know God is real? What is God like? Are miracles possible? Is God involved in our lives today? How can we know God personally?

108 pages,  Cat:  #CSG – B,  Copyright:  2008,  Book:  $10




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