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Inner Circle of Friends

Inner Circle Membership




Please visit our Inner Circle of Friends page here: for more information, including details about this month’s offers.

‣   Why Monthly Giving?

Imagine hearing the gospel in your language for the first time, or knowing about Jesus but never really knowing who He is. Imagine desperately wanting to deepen your relationship with Jesus but not having materials to help you. We hear stories like these daily at the John Ankerberg Show. They move our hearts and cause us to ask the Lord how we can help meet those needs. At the John Ankerberg Show, we are committed to providing REAL ANSWERS to REAL QUESTIONS, with resources designed to reach and appeal to a thinking audience. From the man struggling to reconcile the claims of Jesus with modern scientific theories to the teen longing to hear more about Jesus in her language, we are committed to give a defense of the gospel to these and others throughout the world.

‣   Who Do My Donations Help?

Each testimony we receive is from a person whom God has touched through the outreach of the John Ankerberg Show. People like these are why we are compelled to continue doing what we have been called to do! We believe we are called not only to present and defend the gospel, but to help equip pastors and leaders with the material they need to share with those in their communities. A pastor in India wrote: “The window for gospel opportunities in India is getting narrower. I have been traveling to the northeastern parts of India recently. When I shared about the resource content that your ministry has [ app and website], people wanted to use the resource tools.” A viewer from Sweden wrote: There is nothing like your ministry in Sweden, probably not in the whole world outside of the USA. It is a vital source to us for Christian teaching. We are very grateful to God for providing you. You are spreading the Gospel to the world.”

‣   Join the Inner Circle of Friends

✔   Stand with a community of believers to provide resources for people all over the world. ✔   Donate monthly and receive special offers based on your level of participation. ✔   Choose from three plans to fit your budget. ✔   Your gifts help reach the world for Christ and build disciples, one believer at a time.

  • Club 100: DVD and Book of the month plus a special featured item each month
  • Club 50: DVD and Book of the Month.
  • Club 30: DVD of the month.

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