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The Biblical Case for the Rapture of all Christians - 2021 Package

The Biblical Case for the Rapture of all Christians – 2021 Package




This package contains:

The Biblical Case For The Rapture Of All Christians” In this three-program series, you will first learn why millions of Christians will suddenly be missing from the earth to meet Jesus in the air and then taken to heaven. Second, why the power of world leadership will shift away from the United States to Europe. And third, how a world leader will arise and proclaim he can bring peace and stability to the world and why the Rapture will happen before the tribulation events begin.

“5 Great Debates Of The End Times” In this three-program series, these questions will be addressed:

  • Which nations does the prophet Ezekiel predict will come against Israel in the last days?
  • Will the antichrist be a Muslim? Will the Jewish temple be rebuilt before Jesus returns?
  • Has the church replaced Israel as the recipient of God’s promises and blessings?
  • What nations will be involved at the battle of Armageddon?

A Micro SD card will be sent in your name to someone overseas who does not have a Bible.  They can insert the Micro SD card into any cell phone, even if they are not connected to the internet, and it will immediately let them hear the whole New Testament in their own language.

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