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World Chaos and Biblical Prophecy Package Offer

World Chaos and Biblical Prophecy Package Offer




Package offer includes parts one and two of a two part series featuring news journalist and prophecy scholar Dr. Jimmy DeYoung on “World Chaos and Biblical Prophecy.”  In this series, Dr. DeYoung reports on the following:

  • The war and attempts at peace between Hamas and Israel in Gaza
  • ISIS terrorists setting up an Islamic caliphate in Iraq including violent death and persecution of Christians and Jews
  • The growing anti-Semitism world-wide
  • The rising tensions at the Temple Mount between Jews and Muslims
  • Iran and its failed nuclear agreements
  • Turkey and Qatar’s continued support of Hamas and ISIS
  • Russia’s growing world power and the crisis with the Ukraine

Package includes The Beginning of the End: The Alignment of the Nations Against Israel, also with Dr. Jimmy DeYoung.  Questions addressed in this series include:

  • What is the number one threat facing Israel today?
  • What is Israel prepared to do to prevent a nuclear attack?
  • Is Iran the only threat Israel is facing?
  • What about the rocket attacks from Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon?
  • What are the nations mentioned in Bible prophecy that will have a role in the end-time scenarios?


Finally, this package includes a very special book by Dr. John Ankerberg and Dr. Renald Showers.  This 380+ page book includes The Most Asked Prophecy Questions.  Many of today’s events connect with what is found in Bible prophecy. How can we understand what it teaches? Dr. Ankerberg  & Dr. Showers provide answers to the most commonly asked prophecy questions from their decades of biblical research.

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