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Our world is filled with people asking spiritual questions. Where is God when I suffer? How can God allow pandemics and sickness? How do we know Jesus rose from the dead? Is the Bible really God’s Word?

For the past 40 years, The John Ankerberg Show has answered these and many other questions. We’ve hosted Christianity’s top experts in religion, science, and history, and have featured debated between key leaders in various religions.

As I look back, one of the best people at answering spiritual questions I have ever hosted on our program is Ravi Zacharias. As you may know, Ravi passed away from cancer earlier this year, entering the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ravi and I shared many connections from our past. We attended seminary together in the Chicago area where we investigated Christianity under many of the same professors. I always heard stories about his sister Shyamala and his best friend Sunder. Little did I know that God would bring them into my life years later.

In 2016, Darlene and I had the opportunity to meet Ravi’s best friend from India, who is married to Ravi’s sister. They are Sunder and Shyamala Krishnan. Sunder served as an engineer for Canada’s board of Atomic Energy, and was later called to pastor a church in the Toronto area for over two decades.

As experts in equipping new believers, Sunder and Shyamala joined me in developing our discipleship series called “Follow Me: Experiencing the Joy of Walking with Jesus.” This outreach of 40 half-hour video programs offers essential teachings for you to grow in Christ.

Let me ask you: Are you hungry to know more about Jesus? Do you want to experience a more vibrant relationship with Him? If so, check out our discipleship series. We walk through a variety of topics, from explaining what Jesus accomplished for you on the cross to showing you how you can hear God speak to you daily through His Word. We also offer important biblical strategies for overcoming temptation and explain how you can discover God’s will.

I can’t think of a better way to spend this unique season of quarantine than growing in your walk with God. We have made this series to help. It is completely free. You can access it by going to the Ankerberg app and tapping on “Discipleship Courses” under “Home,” or by going to and selecting the course entitled, “Follow Me: Experiencing the Joy of walking with Jesus.”

We have now developed this series of 40 programs into an online educational platform available to anyone worldwide who can access the Internet. The series has been translated into 10 languages, with five additional languages in progress.

Our current languages include English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Russian, Ukrainian, Finnish, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, and Swedish. Other languages in development include Spanish, French, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Albanian, and Nepali.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity to reach as many as two-thirds of the world’s population, serving to make disciples of all nations. We have even provided fully translated websites in 12 languages, translated our mobile app into 10 languages, and we offer at least some content in more than 20 languages.

Through our partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing, both our website and mobile app offer the Bible in text and audio in 1,356 languages. If you haven’t checked this out for yourself, take a moment to select “Bible in your language” at the top of our website at, or tap “Bible” at the bottom of our mobile app to access our complete list of languages.

Further, let me give you a quick report of our last series with Morgan Jackson. So far, you and our other friends have provided support for 4,251,114 people to gather in audio Bible listening groups each week to listen to God’s word in their own language. Of these, about 2.1 million have made a decision for Christ.

This includes people in 50 nations speaking 110 different languages. So, God is greatly using your prayers and gifts as we serve as missionaries to the unreached people who need to have a chance to hear the good news of Christ.


This Month on The John Ankerberg Show
This month, I want to bring you some of the programs Ravi and I shared during our last time together.

In our first series, “Ravi Zacharias Answers Skeptics,” I want you to hear how Ravi grew up in India where his ancestors belonged to the highest caste of Hindu priests. India is made up of 1.3 billion people who believe in one or more of the 330 million Hindu deities, or in one of the many other religions found there.

Ravi often pondered life’s meaning, but at age 17 lost all hope and tried to take his own life. While in the hospital a man gave him a Bible, and he read Jesus’ words, “Because I live, you shall also live.” It was at that point he gave his life to Jesus Christ.

In program 2, I asked Ravi to answer the question, “Can modern man live without God?” This was the question he was asked to answer in a series of lectures at Harvard. In program 3, I picked out some of the toughest questions he has received from students in the Far East.

Our second series is called, “Ravi Zacharias Answers Questions from Europe, the Middle East, and America.” Here he addresses the questions of our day including: Aren’t all religions basically the same? Isn’t Jesus one of many prophets? Isn’t it unfair to claim that all the people who lived before Christianity are damned to hell?

Is the Christian doctrine of the Trinity (that God is both one and three) a violation of the law of non-contradiction? If God is all powerful and all loving, why would He choose to create a world He knew would bring so much evil and suffering?

My hope is that you will share these series with those who have asked you these questions and need to hear a clear answer to them. Along with these six television programs, we have written two study guides with extensive notes that will further clarify our answers in these series.

Each study guide contains three sessions for your personal study or Bible study group. Please see the enclosed card for details.

How You Can Be Sure You Will Spend Eternity with God
I also hope you’ve enjoyed our recent programs with Dr. Erwin Lutzer. If you haven’t requested your copy, we are making all the resources in this series available for your gift of $90 or more. This includes the six television programs on Blu-ray and DVD, as well as Erwin’s book Eternity with God. Additional copies can be requested at a reduced rate to use as gifts for others.


Coming Soon on The John Ankerberg Show
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our lives, many have become discouraged and wonder how to respond. I’ve just finished seven new television programs with Dr. Erwin Lutzer regarding his new book Pandemics, Plagues, and Natural Disasters: What is God Saying to Us? You will see these programs in October on all our networks.


You Are Changing Lives for Eternity
Do you realize that God is mightily working through you and other friends to reach many people worldwide? You have been a tremendous blessing, but there are still millions who have yet to hear the good news of God’s love.

If God leads you to give a gift or to request resources, respond right now. Please feel free to call us any day, 24 hours a day, at 1-800-805-3030, or you may go to our website at where we have a secure place for you to give or submit a prayer request to our staff.

Darlene and I want to thank you for your prayers and support during this time. Please know that God is at work through you in a very powerful way.

We love and appreciate you. You are in our prayers each day. We look forward to how God works through our ministry together in the days to come.


For those still waiting to hear,

John and Darlene

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