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The Other Face of John Ankerberg

Most people only know John as host and moderator of the ministry television show.  But, I want to share with you the “real” John Ankerberg…the evangelist and preacher.

Sunday night, July 31, John spoke at Shadow Mountain Community Church (Pastor Dr. David Jeremiah) as part of their Summer Bible Conference.  The people were wonderful and enjoyed hearing John’s heart.

You see John got into apologetics (giving an answer for your faith) by holding evangelistic meetings while on staff with Youth For Christ in Chicago.  He spoke on college campuses to every type of group imaginable.  He always spoke on salvation and promised the group that if they would listen to him first he would stay as long as they wanted to answer their questions.  Keep in mind most of these meetings didn’t even start until late in the evening when the students returned for the night.  When John was given a question that stumped him he simply told them “I don’t know the answer to that but will be back tomorrow night with the answer. “ He then nailed his professors at seminary for the answers.  (By the way, many of those professors are still guests on The John Ankerberg Show today.)  John’s philosophy has always been that you don’t have to “check your brains at the door” to be a Christian.

Later on John held evangelistic crusades in major cities of Africa, Asia, South America and the Islands of the Caribbean.

I’ve travelled with John for many years and had the privilege of seeing him share his faith with the taxi driver, the bellman, the waitress, the maid.  He does this as easily as breathing.  It just comes natural for him.

So, I am thankful for those who know this part of John.  By the way, there are videos of John speaking at Promise Keepers and a few other places available at our website.  I hope you will take the time to get to know this side of John, too.  He really is a good preacher.