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Spread the Word

I was very encouraged today to receive a letter from a local visitation pastor in California. He has been following the ministry for the past year and has been blessed by the materials we offer. The encouragement came when he asked if we had promotional materials we could send him to give away during visitations. He wants to introduce others to the ministry of The John Ankerberg Show!

Introducing others to our ministry is a very effective means of helping us. You can do the same thing! Send people to our website, www.jashow.org, where they will find a tremendous amount of free materials to assist them in the Christian walk or in evangelism. Our broadcast schedule is also there. Maybe we are available in their local area.

The internet has opened up so many opportunities to minister all around the world. Tell your church missionaries to go to our website for encouragement, insightful articles and video that will help them on their field of service.

Thank you for your prayers for us. Know that we pray for you.