What Is the Meaning of “Wormwood” in Revelation 8:10?

Dr. Ron Rhodes: Well, wormwood means bitter. And what it refers to is probably like an asteroid that plummets into the atmosphere. And as it plummets through the atmosphere it looks like a star, because as it plummets through the atmosphere it’s going to be on fire. And as it goes through the atmosphere debris from this asteroid is going to fall into bodies of water, causing all of that water to become extremely bitter, undrinkable.

Now in the book of Revelation one of the things that we see from God’s judgments is the judgment on the ecology and the earth itself. So man’s living environment is slowly but surely being destroyed. And this is one of the ways that it’s happening. The water supply is being destroyed. We also see a little bit later on the water turns to blood. And we see that people are getting, you know, burns. And so the combination of burns and no water, not a good thing. But wormwood is primarily related to the turning of water bitter so that it becomes undrinkable.