What Should I Do If I Think I Chose the Wrong College?

Hanna Seymour: It’s so easy to get swept up in doubt. The second you face challenges: “This must not be the right school for me.” Or “this must not be the right roommate for me.” Or “this isn’t the right major for me.” Or “I shouldn’t have pledged this sorority.” Or whatever decisions you’ve made. It’s easy to doubt.  I cannot encourage you enough you are exactly where God wants you to be. Even if maybe you did make a poor decision and you’re facing a challenge right now because of bad decision you’ve made, He is sovereign over that. You are right in His hand. And He is going to, if you love the Lord, He promises He will work out all things for your good and His glory. And so today you are right where He wants you to be. He knows where you are. He cares about you and He is going to see you through it.