Anne Graham Lotz & Rachel-ruth lotz Wright

Inspiring Faith in Your Children and Grandchildren

with Anne Graham Lotz & Rachel-ruth Lotz Wright


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The daughter and granddaughter of Billy Graham offer a warm and inspiring glimpse into their family life, sharing stories that reveal spiritual wisdom and practical insight for raising the next generation of Jesus Followers.

This 2 part series, Inspiring Faith in Your Children and Grandchildren, along with the book Jesus Followers, offers intentional ways to create a legacy of faith through: Our Witness, Our Walk, Our Worship and Our Walk.


Meet Anne and Rachel-Ruth

Anne Graham Lotz, acclaimed as "the best preacher in the family" by her father Billy Graham, and her daughter Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright carry forward a powerful legacy of faith. Anne, a globally recognized speaker, imparts wisdom from her extensive study of Scripture and has held Give Me Jesus revivals in over 30 cities across 12 countries. Rachel-Ruth passionately teaches God's Word, leading a global women's Bible Study and inspiring younger generations through monthly missions chapels. Together they are dedicated to spreading the message of Christ through their ministry at AnGeL Ministries, where Anne serves as founder and president, and Rachel-Ruth serves on the Board of Directors and chairs the weekly prayer team.

Anne and Rachel-Ruth's joint mission is to transform lives through the timeless truths of the gospel, inspiring believers to live out their faith and share God's Word with others.


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Based on Their Bestselling Book

Jesus Followers Book for a gift of $20

In order to instill truth that leads to genuine faith, parents and grandparents must be intentional. Using the metaphor of a relay race, Anne and her daughter, Rachel-Ruth, demonstrate how the baton of faith is passed from generation to generation through our witness, our worship, our walk, and our work. Within the framework of Anne’s exploration of biblical characters from Genesis 5, Rachel-Ruth tells family stories that will encourage, inspire, and motivate Christians to follow hard after Jesus and to develop their children and grandchildren into Jesus Followers.

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