SERIES PREMIERE: Iran, Israel, and End Time Events

New prophecy series featuring renowned experts Dr. Mark Hitchcock, Dr. Ron Rhodes, and Jeff Kinley.  Join us as they discuss captivating topics such as the fate of believers and unbelievers, Satan’s attack on Israel, and Jesus' response. Gain valuable insight and understanding about prophetic events shaping our world through this timely series and explore more books from these top Biblical prophecy scholars.


We believe Jesus taught us what it means to go and preach the Gospel.

One of the most compelling things about Jesus is how
He modeled outreach by meeting people where they
are. We meet people where they are through television,
radio, streaming media, online resources, discipleship programs, and our partnerships with other ministries.


Timothy in Nigeria

“I appreciate you so much for all your continued Christian love, brotherly kindness, and memorable support over the past year. You were encouraging me with all the edifying literature, teachings, and writings based on God’s infallible words. Please do kindly keep your helpful Christian publications, all your John Ankerberg Show teachings, writings, and books coming.”

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Behind the Prophecy Scholar with Dr. Ron Rhodes

The Allure of Biblical Prophecy

Michelle and Jeff sit down with Dr. Ron Rhodes to talk about what sparked his passion for end-times prophecy and what issue has been the hardest for him to work out. Watch now to learn about the allure of Bible prophecy!

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The wide array of ministries of the John Ankerberg Show are only possible because of like-minded believers who are compelled by the mission of the John Ankerberg Show and committed to supporting it through prayer and consistent financial support.

We realize not everyone can physically go and take God’s Word to every corner of the world, but through monthly giving you can join a group of committed believers, multiplying their impact together, to help share the good news with those who need it most.

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Prayer is our most powerful asset as we face trials in this world. Likewise, praying for others can be one of the best gifts you can offer. Lots of people share prayer requests from around the world, and we have worked to facilitate a community of prayer warriors to commit to praying for these requests. A commitment to pray for these people and situations means so much to us and to the people sharing the requests. As Christians, this gives us the opportunity to share each other’s burdens and lift one another up before the Lord, even if we have never met in person.