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JA Show | Following the Great Commission in the Philippines

This week Dr. John Ankerberg is joined by Morgan Jackson from Faith Comes By Hearing
to discuss the impact of audio Bibles in the Philippines. Known for its many islands, volcanoes and
beaches, the Philippines is home to 107 million people who speak 175 different languages. Hear how
audio Bibles can have an impact on people who have never heard God’s Word in their language.

Language Sites

Did you know that we have a dozen different language sites with valuable resources in each language? As a ministry, and as believers, we have a calling to reach people all around the world. We love to meet people where they are at, and to provide resources that can help them tackle some tough questions and strengthen their relationship with God. We don't want a language barrier to hinder that mission, which is why these translated materials are free and available online. Click below to visit our Spanish site!

New Article Series: I AM

Staff writer R.L. Wilson's new article series I AM explores the attributes of God through Scripture and her own life and childhood in Kenya.  By working through each place where Jesus declares “I Am…” Wilson helps the reader learn more about who He is and what that means about who we are.

God TV | Answering the Critics of Intelligent Design 

Dr. Stephen Meyer and Dr. John Ankerberg discuss the positive scientific evidence that supports this new alternative view to neo-Darwinism.

God’s Word to the World

Audio Bible devices are reaching people in some of the most remote areas of the world with the unchanging Word of God. For a limited time, your gifts toward this project will be matched - product for product! 

At the John Ankerberg Show, we believe Jesus taught us what it means to GO and preach the Gospel. One of the most compelling things about Jesus is how He modeled outreach by meeting people where they are. We meet people where they are through television, radio, streaming media, online resources and our partnerships with other ministries.


We reach people all over the world through The John Ankerberg Show.


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EP 6 | Following the Great Commission in the Philippines | God's Word to the World



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EP 4 | Answering the Critics of Intelligent Design | The Case for Intelligent Design


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"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." - Mark 16:15

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    More than 3.4 million people have heard God’s Word in 40 countries, allowing many to hear the Bible in their language for the first time.

  • Faith Comes by Hearing

    Of the more than 3.4 million people who have listened to audio Bibles through our partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing, an estimated 1.2 million people have made decisions to follow Christ.

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Daily Journey: July 13th

Psalms 120:1-127:5; Acts 16:6-24

Thought from Today’s Old Testament Passage: [Psalm 122] Here we have the pleasure which David and other pious Israelites took in approaching to and attending upon God in public ordinances, v. 1, 2. Note, (1.) It is the will of God that we should worship him in concert, that many should join together to wait upon him in public ordinances. We ought to worship God in our own houses, but that is not enough; we must go into the house of the Lord, to pay our homage to him there, and not forsake the assembling of ourselves together. (2.) We should not only agree with one another, but excite and stir up one another, to go to worship God in public. Let us go; not, "Do you go and pray for us, and we will stay at home;" but, We will go also, Zec. 8:21. Not, "Do you go before, and we will follow at our leisure;" or, "We will go first, and you shall come after us;" but, "Let us go together, for the honour of God and for our mutual edification and encouragement." We ourselves are slow and backward, and others are so too, and therefore we should thus quicken and sharpen one another to that which is good, as iron sharpens iron. (3.) Those that rejoice in God will rejoice in calls and opportunities to wait upon him. David himself, though he had as little need of a spur to his zeal in religious exercises as any, yet was so far from taking it as an affront that he was glad of it as a kindness when he was called upon to go up to the house of the Lord with the meanest of his subjects. We should desire our Christian friends, when they have any good work in hand, to call for us and take us along with them. Matthew Henry, Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Bible (Peabody MA: Hendrickson Publishers), 1997

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