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Anne Graham Lotz

Relying on the Constant Companionship of the Holy Spirit

with Anne Graham Lotz

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In Our New Series

Jesus reassured His disciples that, although He would be leaving them, He would send them "another" Comforter who would be with them thereafter. In this series, Anne Graham Lotz describes who this Comforter is, and what He does in our lives. She explains why the Holy Spirit is often referred to as the "third person" of the Trinity.

The Holy Spirit As Our


Meet Anne Graham Lotz

Called "the best preacher in the family" by her father, Billy Graham, Anne Graham Lotz speaks around the globe with the wisdom and authority of years spent studying God's Word. In all she does, Anne's aim is clear - to bring revival to the hearts of God's people.  And her message is consistent - calling people into a personal relationship with God through His Word.  Anne is a bestselling and award-winning author. Her most recent releases are The Light of His PresenceJesus in Me, and The Daniel Prayer.

Anne and her late husband, Danny Lotz, have three grown children and three grandchildren.  She is the founder and president of AnGeL Ministries.

Dive Deeper with our Blog Series

Based on Her Bestselling Book

The internationally recognized Bible teacher and daughter of Billy Graham combines unique biblical insights and her own personal stories to show how the Holy Spirit guides us in our decisions, comforts us in pain, and stays by our side at all times, enriching our daily lives. 

As Anne writes, "One of my deepest, richest joys has been discovering by experience who the Holy Spirit is in every step of my life's journey. Each name that He has been given-Helper, Comforter, Advocate, Intercessor, Counselor, Strengthener, and Standby-reveals another aspect of His beautiful character and has provoked in me a deep love for the One who is my constant Companion . . . Jesus in me."

Watch the Program

01 | Loving the Person of the Holy Spirit, Pt. 1

Who is the Holy Spirit? Do you love the Holy Spirit? If your first reaction is "Who is that?" This program is for you. Anne Graham Lotz will help you understand who the Holy Spirit is, and why He is important for your life.

02 | Loving the Person of the Holy Spirit, Pt. 2

Do you think of the Holy Spirit as an "optional extra" you can take Him or leave Him? Why would I want to have anything to do with a ghost?  How can we grieve the Holy Spirit? All this and more in this week's episode.

03 | Enjoying the Presence of the Holy Spirit

The presence of the Holy Spirit. What does that mean? Where did the Holy Spirit come from? Where is He present? When is He present? How is He present. What difference does His presence make? You will learn the answers to these and many other questions on this week's episode.

04 | Relying on the Power of the Holy Spirit

Have you been hurt by other Christians? As Anne Graham Lotz explained, "there is no limit to His power." In this week's episode she will explain how you can rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to help overcome the hurt and continue in your Christian life.

05 | Living by the Precepts of the Holy Spirit

The Bible is where we learn what God has revealed to us about Himself and about what He expects of us as His children. What is your opinion of the Bible?  Anne Graham Lotz will explain what she learned about the Bible from her grandmother, mother, and father in this week's episode.

06 | Reflecting the Purity of the Holy Spirit

What role does the Holy Spirit who is Himself holy play in conforming us to the holiness of Jesus? What does God mean when He says "be holy as I am holy"? What does the Holy Spirit have to do with that process of becoming holy? Anne Graham Lotz will explain in this week's episode.

07 | Trusting in the Providence of the Holy Spirit

When you ask Jesus to come into your heart, He comes in in the person of the Holy Spirit. But what does He do? What is His role in your life? Anne Graham Lotz will explain some of the things she learned about the Holy Spirit in this episode.

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