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Give a Gift that Makes an Impact

By giving a monthly gift to The John Ankerberg Show, you join the Inner Circle of Friends, a group of partners who join us in the work God has called us to do — proclaiming the truth of the gospel, challenging individuals to embrace Christianity for themselves and teaching them to share it effectively with others.

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Our Mission

Many of you may know us for our award‑winning weekly television show, but you may not know how God has expanded the ministry's outreach. Our many different digital media platforms, distribution of audio Bibles, and a growing discipleship program are some of the major areas of outreach. Our desire is to reach every man, woman, and child with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How it Works

1. Choose a Monthly Donation Amount

Each month you will give a set donation by your payment method of choice. You choose the amount you give, and you are free to stop your gift at any time, with no extra fees.

2. Make an Impact around the World

Your gifts make a huge impact in many different ways around the world. From helping air our show in Asia to giving a village their first Bible, these gifts are what make this possible. 

3. Receive Exclusive Resources

We want to say thank you. Your gifts make sending God's word to the world possible in so many ways, and we want you to stay up to date on the impact while also offering you resources that are exclusive only to Inner Circle members. 

See Your Monthly Gifts Make an Impact

We realize not everyone can physically go and take God’s Word to every corner of the world, but through monthly giving you can join a group of committed believers, multiplying their impact together, to help share the good news with those who need it most.

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The John Ankerberg Show

Every time our show airs on television, on networks within the USA and around the world, the airtime is funded by donors like you. Without your help, the John Ankerberg Show would not be able to share the gospel message through television each week. We have truly been amazed at the generosity of our viewers over the years, and we thank the Lord that we are able to continue broadcasting the gospel around the world.

When you give, a portion of your monthly gift goes to the show, helping to provide for airtime around the world, production, editing, and the creation of free resources that are offered online.


God's Word to the World

For many years our ministry has partnered with Faith Comes by Hearing, and together we work to provide the translation, production, and distribution of audio Bibles around the world. So many language groups teach and learn orally, and audio Bibles reach them with the gospel in a way that is accessible and powerful.

When you give monthly, your gift is used to provide audio Bibles in a region that needs God's word most urgently. Our friends at Faith Comes By Hearing tell us that these regions can change daily, with some doors closing as others open, so your monthly gift allows the work to be done quickly and efficiently while doors are open, allowing more people to hear God’s Word.


Monthly Exclusive Resources Sent to Your Inbox


As an Inner Circle of Friends member, on the 4th day of each month you will receive our ICF newsletter. We want this to be valuable to you, so month to month we will include various behind the scenes, notes from John, digital downloads of our newest series, or previews of upcoming series or content. These resources are designed to encourage and equip you, and this is just a small way for us to say “thank you” for partnering with us in this mission to reach people with the gospel!

Choose How You Give Each Month

Already an Inner Circle of Friends member? Manage your current subscription HERE.


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