Pandemics, Plagues,
& Natural Disasters

What is God saying to us?

Biblical Response to suffering

by Dr. Dillon Burroughs

How Does God Use Evil for Good?

by Dr. Dillon Burroughs

As a pandemic and other issues challenge people worldwide, many question God's role during difficult times. In this insightful series, Moody Church pastor emeritus Dr. Erwin Lutzer addresses the key ways God works through suffering and points viewers to God purposes in our pain. These programs include powerful biblical teachings and historical examples of believers serving during trials to impact others for Christ.


The Silence
of God

Dr. Ankerberg interviews Dr. Erwin Lutzer regarding God's purpose

during pandemics and other problems


Christians Have Been
Through This Before

Dr. Ankerberg and Dr. Lutzer investigate what God is doing in the

midst of a global pandemic.  Using the biblical account of Job,

and the experience of historical Christians living through the Black Plague,

this program will remind you that although God allows pandemics,

He remains with us, working out His will during times of struggle.


God's Lessons
During Pandemic

Suffering is not without purpose. In this program, Dr. Ankerberg talks

with Dr. Erwin Lutzer to better understand our biblical response during

times of grief and pain. You'll realize pain often includes valuable

lessons that strengthen our faith for future plans God has for our lives.


What Comes Next

Despite the difficulties of our time, the Bible speaks of an even darker

time in prophecy. Dr. Ankerberg and Dr. Lutzer discuss how to be

prepared to avoid this future judgment. They then conclude with

an emphasis on heaven and eternal life as our future hope

from earthly pain and pandemics.

In part 2 of this important series, Dr. Ankerberg and Dr. Lutzer discuss the spiritual backgrounds important to our understanding of God's work during pandemics, plagues, and natural disasters. This includes a biblical understanding of God and His involvement in our lives, the importance of Scripture and its divine nature, as well as a clear message of salvation and being prepared for eternity with God.


What Does God Say About Pandemics?

When trouble strikes, a variety of voices respond with attempts to explain

what is taking place. Dr. Ankerberg provides evidence against secular

and atheistic views regarding God and suffering, emphasizing biblical principles

that highlight how the Lord works through trials to accomplish His divine purposes.


They Who Have
Ears, Let Them Hear

How does God speak? While skeptics point to evil in our world as evil

against God's existence, Dr. Ankerberg and Dr. Lutzer explain how pain

and suffering point us to God as our source of strength. Through

dependence on the Lord, we find He is with us as believers and

rescues us from trials as we look forward to eternity with Him in heaven.


Help Our Unbelief

Many of us face doubts during times of struggle or pandemic.

Dr. Ankerberg concludes his series with Dr. Erwin Lutzer with

a biblical look at dealing with the doubts we have about God during

trials. They conclude with an emphasis on being spiritual prepared

through salvation and a life of service that impacts others as

we long for our future home with the Lord.

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