In this series, you will hear exciting testimonies of the effect of God’s Word on the human heart. You will see what happens to a person when they hear the gospel for the first time in their own heart language. You will experience the passion of new believers as they endeavor to reach their family, friends, and neighbors with the Good News.
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Episode 4 | Praying for Your Children

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We believe in joining together with like-minded, Bible-based ministries to make the gospel of Jesus Christ known. This is why The John Ankerberg Show has partnered with multiple ministries in the past few years to join our unique skillset with theirs to help reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing helps us share with those who have never heard the gospel in their native language. In the past several years, we have millions of people through audio Bible devices, and we can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for the future.

You Ask, We Answer. Here's How.

Answers to Questions is part of The John Ankerberg Show’s 40 year mission to help provide “Real Answers to Real Questions” about the Christian faith. This collection of articles and videos directly address specific questions that viewers have asked us over the last few years. Browse these resources to see if we tackled a topic you’ve questioned as well.