God's Word to the World (8)

God's Word To The World (Christmas)

In many places around the world, people have never heard the Bible in their own language. Morgan Jackson and Dr. Ankerberg tell stories of how great the need is for peoples around the world to hear the Gospel and how lives are being changed when they hear it. With your help, audio Bibles will be sent to give them the gift of God’s Word, providing them with the encouragement, hope, and joy that comes through knowing the gospel and spending time in the Bible!


Morgan Jackson is passionate about God’s Word and getting it to people across the world in a way they understand. He serves as Senior Vice President of Faith Comes By Hearing, where he’s worked for decades with partners to record Audio Bibles in the languages of the world. Morgan is the son of Faith Comes By Hearing founders Jerry and Anet Jackson, and he learned from an early age the importance of uniting the Body of Christ and overcoming obstacles to share the Word of God. Morgan loves to tell stories—real-life stories from the field that help us get a glimpse of how lives are changed after the lost discover that God speaks their language. When he’s at home, he’s blessed to spend time with his wife, Mary, their three children, and six grandchildren. 


  • Audio Bibles are essential in areas where many people are unable to read a printed Bible.
  • Audio Bibles are vital in villages where oral communication is primary.
  • Audio Proclaimer is helpful in places where there is a significant shortage of pastors to teach God’s Word.
  • Audio Proclaimers are used to start listening groups, where people will listen to the entire New Testament and discuss it.
  • Audio Bibles provide access to Scripture that will transform lives into Christ-likeness.


The Messiah Will Be a King

In Jeremiah 23:5-6 the Messiah is referred to as a “Righteous Branch.” In this episode, we’ll also see the Messiah will be one who rides on clouds and comes again, helping to complete the puzzle that reveals Jesus as the Messiah. 

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Mission Partnerships

We believe in joining together with like-minded, Bible-based ministries to make the gospel of Jesus Christ known. This is why The John Ankerberg Show has partnered with multiple ministries in the past few years to join our unique skillset with theirs to help reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Our partnership with Faith Comes By Hearing helps us share with those who have never heard the gospel in their native language. In the past several years, we have reached over 3.3 million people in 40 countries in 120 languages through audio Bible devices, and we can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for the future.