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Where is God When Life Hurts?

We discuss what God promises to those who say, “My pain is so great. How can I trust God with what I am feeling?" How can we continue to believe God is good and loving during times of prolonged pain when it does not feel like He is there? Is it really God’s will to heal everyone who prays in faith about their sickness?


Joni Eareckson Tada is found of Joni and Friends, one of the world’s leading organizations devoted to those affected by disability.  Joni is the author of more than 50 books and has received many awards for her efforts on behalf of the disability community.
Dr. Michael Easley is the president and host of "Michael Easley inContext" a ministry designed to help listeners and readers "understand God's word and apply it to your life". He was the former president of the Moody Bible Institute  (MBI) in Chicago, Illinois.  He has served in churches in Texas, Northern VA/ Washington, DC, and Middle Tennessee.


Suffering often ambushes us. Things seem fine, and suddenly we get a bad report, we're thrown into grief over the loss of a loved one, or we are faced with an overwhelming amount of uncertainty. 

This coronavirus pandemic and the anxiety that accompanies it is also a kind of suffering that most of us never expected. Add the recent unrest around us and it is easy to fear the suffering of what the future may bring.

In these circumstances, we may find ourselves wondering, Where is God when Life Hurts? 

Guests Joni Eareckson Tada and Dr. Michael Easley are not strangers to pain and suffering.  Joni has spent nearly 50 years in a wheelchair while Michael has endured numerous back surgeries and lives with chronic pain.  Joni and Michael explain how they have learned to trust God in the midst of their suffering and how they continue to believe in Him as a good and loving Father. 




Is God in Control of How and When You Die?

Do we have any control over how and when we die? Can we put off our death?

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