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Answering the Questions Raised by The Da Vinci Code – Prg 2 MP3 Audio Download




The Da Vinci Code is fiction, it’s being passed off as a historical novel. The Da Vinci Code strikes at the heart of Christianity by denying the deity of Jesus Christ and the validity of the New Testament documents. Dr. Lutzer looks at the Gnostic gospels and compare them with the New Testament. Was Jesus married to Mary Magdalene? Dan Brown says that the marriage of Jesus and Mary Magdalene is historical fact based on these Gnostic Gospels. Dr. Lutzer talks about the canon of the New Testament. There are many people who think that, at some Council, there was this big debate. Do you like the book of First Peter? Yes, I like it. But, I dont . What books are in the New Testament? Dan Brown, through the novel is talking about goddess worship as being the original message; and that was being suppressed by the church. What Is Brown promoting and what did the Early Church said about that.

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