21st Century Discoveries – Part 2

Even many skeptical or atheistic scientists have been compelled by the evidence to admit there might indeed be a designing intelligence behind the universe. Join Dr. Hugh Ross and Dr. John Ankerberg as they discuss the evidence and Ross’ belief that though scientists may resist the logical conclusion, the Creator implied by the scientific evidence is exactly consistent with the God revealed in the Bible.

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About This Week's Series

Dr. Hugh Ross is a Christian astrophysicist who has spent his life studying the universe and seeking to understand God’s creation.

By the age of 16, he realized there was clear evidence that the universe had a beginning. He realized that if there was a beginning, there must have been a Beginner. So he began his search for the “who” and the “how”.

Dr. Ross explains in this series that God has given us two books: the book of nature--what we can find out about Him from what He has created--and the book of Scripture, God’s written record of all He wants us to know. Do they agree? What does each tell us about God?

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Dr. Ankerberg never set out to launch the world’s most-watched Christian apologetics television program...

As a speaker and evangelist, Dr. Ankerberg spoke on university campuses, at churches, conferences, and other events. While speaking at a Youth for Christ summer camp, he was first asked to host a Kansas City Christian television program. Structuring the program with a debate-format, the show quickly caught the attention of other networks. After moving to Chattanooga, Tennessee to serve another media ministry, The John Ankerberg Show was picked up on CBN, a new network that soon expanded nationwide. Within a short time, Dr. Ankerberg’s side project quickly became a full-time ministry in 1980, renting office space and studio time to produce additional programs.

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