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We discuss God promises to those who struggle with chronic pain and how to  trust God with how they are feeling. It can be difficult to continue to believe God is good and loving during times of prolonged pain. Many wonder if it is God's will to heal everyone who prays in faith about their sickness. We will discover what God says about these thoughts and struggles in this episode of "Where is God When Life Hurts?"

Young John by Bookcase

Dr. Ankerberg never set out to launch the world’s most-watched Christian apologetics television program...

As a speaker and evangelist, Dr. Ankerberg spoke on university campuses, at churches, conferences, and other events. While speaking at a Youth for Christ summer camp, he was first asked to host a Kansas City Christian television program. Structuring the program with a debate-format, the show quickly caught the attention of other networks. After moving to Chattanooga, Tennessee to serve another media ministry, The John Ankerberg Show was picked up on CBN, a new network that soon expanded nationwide. Within a short time, Dr. Ankerberg’s side project quickly became a full-time ministry in 1980, renting office space and studio time to produce additional programs.

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