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The Faith Journey of Morgan Jackson



Michelle graduated with a BS degree in Communications from Bob Jones University in May 2000. She joined the staff of the John Ankerberg Show in May 2000, but that just formalized a working relationship with the Show that began when she was very, very young.

Currently she is Supervisor of Customer Service and Shipping. In that position, she oversees all orders that come in and products that are shipped out. She is also involved in making decisions with any of the print material that goes out.

In addition to her hosting duties with “More To The Story,” Michelle hosts her own radio podcast called “A Moment with Michelle.”

In her spare time, Michelle enjoys playing the piano, swimming, playing tennis, and traveling.

Fun Fact:

When we asked her to relate a memory about her co-host Jeff, who is also her cousin, she told us: “One of the memories I have with Jeff is when we took a trip to India with my parents. In India, when we went sightseeing all the kids came up and wanted a selfie with us because Jeff is over 6 feet tall and looked like some professional athlete. We also both have blonde hair. We’re pretty sure our pictures are all around Delhi in India because of those selfies!”



Jeff attended Briercrest College in Canada, where he earned a BA in Biblical Studies. He later earned an MDiv from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.

Jeff is married to Michelle (yes, same name as his cousin!), and they have two young children.

Jeff came on staff of the John Ankerberg Show in 2017. In addition to co-hosting “More To The Story,” he helps prepare and edit programs, and had a big role in developing the Discipleship Course, “Follow Me,” which is available free at the website, He also writes articles for the website and tackles theological questions that viewers submit.

In his spare time, Jeff enjoys making pizza, hiking, camping, and playing with his children.

When we asked him to share a memory with his cousin and co-host Michelle, he related this story:

Fun Fact:

“Since I was a kid, the favorite part of my summer has been going on vacation with my extended family. We have long had the yearly tradition of our three families packing into a rented house by the beach. Up until I got married, this entailed my cousin Ryan and I sleeping on the couch or cushions from the patio chairs outside. And being the younger siblings that we were, we would often go bug Michelle and our sisters late at night when we couldn't sleep. Some nights we would attack them with rolled up socks. Other nights, we would just stay up and talk. 

“We as cousins had a blast floating in the ocean, riding bikes, and going out for ice cream together at night. For us, vacation was a time to truly laugh, catch up, and come alongside each other in life's difficulties.


When we bring a guest into our studio, we usually speak with them about a specific topic—some area in which they have established expertise or a particular passion. But there’s more to their story. In this new series hosted by Michelle Ankerberg and Jeff Pallansch, you’ll get to know our guests better as they chat about their salvation story, their own faith journey, and perhaps a glimpse into their plans for the future.  Because there’s More To The Story.


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Morgan jackson

Co-Founder of Faith Comes by Hearing

Morgan Jackson is passionate about God’s Word and getting it to people across the world in a way they understand. He serves as Senior Vice President of Faith Comes By Hearing, where he’s worked for decades with partners to record Audio Bibles in the languages of the world.


Morgan is the son of Faith Comes By Hearing founders Jerry and Anet Jackson, and he learned from an early age the importance of uniting the Body of Christ and overcoming obstacles to share the Word of God. He has traveled to more than 80 countries so far to make that happen. Morgan has built life-long relationships with many other people in ministry and supporters who share the same passion for the Great Commission.


Morgan loves to tell stories—real-life stories from the field that help us get a glimpse of how lives are changed after the lost discover that God speaks their language. When he’s at home, he’s blessed to spend time with his wife, Mary, their three children, and six grandchildren.

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