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This Holiday Season


Go behind the scenes and learn more about the partnership between The John Ankerberg Show and Faith Comes by Hearing. In this very special episode, Jeff and Michelle interview Dr. John Ankerberg and Morgan Jackson to go back to the beginning of how they met, and how their ministries were led to work together to share God's Word around the World. 

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The Faith Journey of Morgan Jackson

featuring Morgan Jackson of Faith Comes By Hearing

Morgan Jackson is passionate about God’s Word and getting it to people across the world in a way they understand. He serves as Senior Vice President of Faith Comes By Hearing, where he’s worked for decades with partners to record Audio Bibles in the languages of the world. In this segment Morgan explains how God took his carefully planned life and turned it upside down, taking him from doing business in Arizona to living by faith in Albuquerque New Mexico.

Equipping the Next Generation with the Truth

featuring Anne Graham Lotz and her daughter, Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright

Drawing from their own experiences, Anne Graham Lotz and her daughter, Rachel Ruth Lotz Wright, relate first how they received the message of the gospel from their own parents, then give valuable information for those who want to pass that faith along to their own children or others within their sphere of influence.

Going Behind the Story with Dr. Stephen Meyer

Stephen Meyer is more than just a scientist. In this series you will go behind the degrees to get a glimpse of the man. You’ll learn about some of the events that shaped his own ideas about the origin of life. You’ll find out what he is doing to solidify the case for the Intelligent Designer behind the origin of the universe. Because there’s always More To The Story.

featuring Dr. Stephen Meyer

Conference interviews

NRB Conference 2022

featuring various guests

Every year, the National Religious Broadcasting (NRB) convention meets in early March. This year, we took our crew along to meet with some of our favorite friends of the show so that you can hear from people you may not otherwise know.

Sanjiv Edwards

Ashvin Dhyriam