About The Ankerbergs.

Dr. Ankerberg is a graduate of the University of Illinois—Chicago, and holds three advanced degrees, including a Master of Arts in Church History and Philosophy of Christian Thought and Master of Divinity (with honors) from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Luther Rice Seminary. He has spoken at more than 78 American universities, numerous nationwide conferences, and worldwide at major events across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. He and his wife Darlene live in Chattanooga, Tennessee and have one grown daughter, Michelle.

A Conversation with Dr. Ankerberg.

Listen below to Dr. Ankerberg talk with Dr. Michael Easley about his career in evangelical ministry and how he is actively assisting efforts to have the Bible translated into every language on the planet.

Our Story.

The biggest turning point in John Ankerberg's life happened while he was still in high school. His family moved at that time, changing houses and also schools. A few weeks before school started, he was at a teen summer camp and heard a message asking 'will you be a witness for Christ?' He remembers sitting in an empty baseball diamond wrestling with God over this question, because he knew that for him that meant bringing his Bible with him to his new school and being vocal about his faith. It wasn't an easy decision, or one he made lightly, but Dr. Ankerberg says, "God won that fight... and that was a turning point, basically for my whole ministry." Bringing a Bible to school meant that kids asked questions, and those questions needed answers. His standard response was, "I don't know the answer to that, but let me find out and get back to you." These types of conversations with classmates prepared him for leading student ministries with his peers, then later doing college outreach, and speaking at evangelical crusades domestically and internationally.


John began hosting debate style apologetics programming on KYFC, a Christian television station in Kansas City.


The John Ankerberg Show began airing on the Christian Broadcast Network, KYFC (Kansas City) and WCFC (Chicago). The Ankerberg family moved to Chattanooga, TN.


The John Ankerberg Show grew into a full-time job for John, leading him and his staff to rent ministry office space in Chattanooga, TN.


Banquets and TV productions were hosted around the country, including a large Apologetics Conference in Orlando, FL in 1991.


A ministry building was purchased, studio was built and the first John Ankerberg Show website was created.


The studio was expanded and additional offices were added.


John and a team traveled to Israel for three weeks to film on-site programs with Dr. Jimmy DeYoung.


With an expanding overseas presence, the Ankerberg family traveled to India for the ICMA’s Kingdom Media Conference. That trip paved the way for broadcasting in four languages across India.


The JA Show began partnering with Faith Comes By Hearing to send audio Bible devices worldwide.

Follow Me Courseware


Our free online discipleship course was filmed and developed, which has since been translated into 10 languages.



Dr. Ankerberg shared the Word of God at Calvary Temple in Hyderabad, India. With over 180,000 members at its main campus alone, it is the fastest growing church in the world! 



An adjacent property was purchased debt-free, remodeled, and now houses staff, expanding ministry headquarters with the new Global Communication Center.  With this new building, and our state of the art set, The John Ankerberg Show staff continues to fulfill its central mission.

2020 - Future

Our next prayer is that God would help us continue to reach people through audio Bible listening groups.

This movement has grown far beyond our original plans and has become a work of God touching lives all over the world. You can serve as a missionary right where you are today through your prayers and gifts to the unreached.

As we work toward our goal and focus on bringing the gospel to every person, would you join me in praying for those who will hear these messages? Ask God to raise up new missionaries along with us to make disciples of all nations.