More than one fourth of the Bible is prophetic in nature. Read through various interpretations, and learn what God’s Word has to say about the future.

Why has God Scheduled Future Events for Planet Earth? – Part 2

By Dr. Renald Showers | September 19, 2023

[From Part 1] Now, if we are to understand the purpose of future events, we have to note several tragic consequences of man joining Satan’s rebellion against God. The first…

Why has God Scheduled Future Events for Planet Earth? – Part 1

By Dr. Renald Showers | September 6, 2023

Why has God scheduled future events for planet earth? Why will there be a seven-year period of tribulation, followed by the second coming of the Lord Jesus back to this…

What Does John 14 Tell Us About Heaven?

By Dr. John Ankerberg | May 16, 2023

In John 14, Jesus said, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God, believe also in me.” Verse 2: “My Father’s house has many rooms; if it…

What Does Acts 1 Teach Us About the Rapture?

By Dr. John Ankerberg | May 10, 2023

Acts 1:9-11 is very interesting in terms of prophecy and the rapture:  “After he said this, he was taken up before their very eyes, and a cloud hid him from…

What Does 1 Corinthians 15 Tell Us About the Rapture? 

By Dr. John Ankerberg | May 1, 2023

What is going to happen when Christians die? Will all Christians die? What about the doctrine of the rapture? I want you to be able to study this yourself and…

Why is it Important to Study Biblical Prophecy?

By John Ankerberg Show Staff | April 25, 2023

I’d like to start by explaining why I think every Christian ought to study Biblical prophecy; it’s not something you should put on the shelf. Here’s the reason: approximately 27%…

Coming Home Because of Christmas:
How the Exodus Prefigured in Abraham Points to Our Redemption in Christ

By Jeff Pallansch | November 29, 2022

I will never forget that snowy December evening as I sat by myself in an empty hotel restaurant. It was two days before Christmas and my flight from Canada back…

Prophecy and Practical Living | Part 4

By Dr. John Ankerberg | February 7, 2022

Biblical prophecy is important because it is an encouragement to godly living and evangelism. Millions of people today fear the future. Famous novelist Kurt Vonnegut expressed the despair of many when he said, “Things are going to get worse and worse and never get better again.”[1] Indeed, many of those who truly understand the world today are terrified. As we look around at our family, friends and neighbors, as we understand other’s concern with the future, we are encouraged to lead them to the One who controls the future. Only He can offer them hope in the face of life’s many uncertainties.

The Uniqueness Of Biblical Prophecy | Part 3

By Dr. John Ankerberg | February 2, 2022

an testify to the uniqueness of the Bible’s prophecies. Not once has he found the quality or detail of biblical prophecy in non-biblical literature.

What is Biblical Prophecy? | Part 2

By Dr. John Ankerberg | January 26, 2022

Many people today, even some Christians, think that the study of prophecy is of little or no relevance. Some further claim there are so many differing views on the subject that it’s difficult to know what to believe. Others argue biblical prophecy deals with general or obscure predictions that could mean anything to anyone. Thus, rather than consider prophecy of spiritual or apologetic value (apologetics involves the defense of the Christian faith), such individuals consider it more of a nuisance.