R. L. Wilson

Flannelgraph Stories: Series Introduction

By R. L. Wilson / May 26, 2022

Do you remember going to Sunday School every week? Do you remember your teacher using cut out figures which magically stuck to a flannel background as she or he told…

In a Better Place

By R. L. Wilson / May 18, 2022

Last week two men in my circle died. The first was a 57-year-old husband and father of four. The other was a 71-year-old husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. I have…

The Holy Spirit is Called God

By R. L. Wilson / May 2, 2022

We will end this series with a very well-known passage from Acts 5. But first, a little background. In Acts 4, Luke describes how the believers in that early church…

In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

By R. L. Wilson / April 26, 2022

R.A. Torrey asserts, “The name of the Holy Spirit is coupled with that of God in a way it would be impossible for a reverent and thoughtful mind to couple…

Is it God, or is it the Holy Spirit?

By R. L. Wilson / April 19, 2022

This indicator of the deity of the Holy Spirit may be a bit subtle, but in his Great Doctrines of the Bible, William Evans offers the following for consideration. Under…

The Holy Spirit Performs Divine Works

By R. L. Wilson / April 13, 2022

The title above is a fancy way of saying that the Holy Spirit does things that only God can do. Since that’s a broad subject that would take a whole…

The Holy Spirit Displays Divine Attributes

By R. L. Wilson / April 5, 2022

  One of the indicators we have in Scripture to show that the Holy Spirit is God is that He displays several key attributes that belong only to God. In…

The Deity of the Holy Spirit

By R. L. Wilson / March 30, 2022

In the first few articles in this series, we followed several lines of evidence to show that the Holy Spirit is a Person. We move now into the biblical evidence…

The Holy Spirit Can be Grieved

By R. L. Wilson / March 22, 2022

Francis Chan comments, “For a long time whenever I read that we are not to grieve the Holy Spirit (Isa. 63:10; Eph. 4:30), I thought that was a bit of…

The Disciples Believed They Saw the Risen Jesus – Part 2

By R. L. Wilson / March 22, 2022

We began Part 1 by explaining the significance of the disciples’ reaction to seeing the risen Jesus. Critics are forced to accept that the disciples truly believed that they saw Jesus alive after His crucifixion because of the changes that took place in their lives. They went from cowering in the upper room to being bold proclaimers of the gospel—the message that Jesus had come to the earth and taken on the form of a man, that He had died, and that He had been raised to life again through the power of God.