Daily Journey

Daily Journey: December 1st

Jeremiah 19:14-22:23; Hebrews 1:1-2:4

Thought from Today’s Old Testament Passage: [Jeremiah 20:1-18] This is one of the most personally revealing passages in prophetic literature. At his blackest hour, perhaps while still imprisoned in the stocks, Jeremiah complains vigorously that God has deceived him (Heb. “misled”, “seduced”). He was not a prophet of his own choice; at his call the Lord had “overpowered” him and promised him both His authority and His words. How he was laughed at for his witness which had been largely one of warning of violence and destruction. “People are amused but not convinced.” Nothing has happened quickly to prove him right. His inner urge was to continue, for a true prophet cannot contain God’s message within himself. However, opposition, including that of friends he trusted, has turned his own words back against him. The return of confidence in vv. 11-13 may have been occasioned by his release or by the prospect of it. The Lord is a strong “fear inspiring warrior” so ultimate victory is assured.… The upsurge of depression in vv. 14-18 can readily be understood in such circumstances and in so highly sensitive a person. The Bible is realistic in its description of the way God’s people may encounter periods of distress and despair and even desire to die, like Job and Elijah. F. F. Bruce, Gen. Ed., The International Bible Commentary (Marshall Pickering/Zondervan, 1986), pp. 776-777.