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Mormonism’s Claim To Be Christian

By The John Ankerberg Show / August 15, 1999

By: Marvin W. Cowan; ©1999 The Mormon Church claims to be Christian. But what happens when you compare their doctrines with what the Bible teaches? Can their claims be believed?…

Are Apostles and Prophets Needed in the Church Today

By The John Ankerberg Show / August 15, 1999

By: Marvin W. Cowan; ©1999 Mormons claim their apostles and prophets are signs indicating they are the one true church. Pastor Cowan looks at their Scriptural “proof,” and explains why…

Origin of Latter Day Saints’ Priesthood

By The John Ankerberg Show / January 23, 1999

By: Marvin W. Cowan; ©1999 Marvin Cowan explores the LDS teachings on the Priesthood, and explains why they are self-contradictory, as well as being contrary to what the Bible teaches.…

Do Mormons Believe the Same as Christians Do?

By The John Ankerberg Show / September 30, 1986

By: ATRI Transcript; ©1986 Is Mormonism simply another Christian denomination or are there fundamental differences in the Mormon faith that separates it from traditional Christianity? This program transcript from Mormon…


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