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By: Dr. Thomas Figart

Charismatics – Part 1
By: Dr. Thomas Figart

In any consideration of a practice, the doctrinal basis should be the primary concern, and not the experience, for experience often misleads. What are to be our doctrinal criteria by which we should judge the Tongues Movement?

Charismatics – Part 2
By: Dr. Thomas Figart

What are spiritual gifts? In the words of Thayer’s Greek Lexicon, “charismata denote extraordinary powers, distinguishing certain Christians and enabling them to serve the Church of Christ, the reception of which is due to the power of divine grace operating in their souls by the Holy Spirit.”

Charismatics – Part 3
By: Dr. Thomas Figart

Is the practice of exorcism something Christians today should be engaged in? Can a Christian be possessed by demons?

Charismatics – Part 4
By: Dr. Thomas Figart

Speaking in tongues is a spiritual gift which enables the person to speak in a language unknown to the people present locally. Is this gift for Christians today?

Charismatics – Part 5
By: Dr. Thomas Figart

What does it mean for a Christian to be “filled” with the Holy Spirit? What does that look like in a Christian’s life?

Charismatics – Part 6
By: Dr. Thomas Figart

Definition: “Very simply, then, the now nearly 8 million Pentecostals bear that name because they are convinced of a present-day experience for….believers such as was received by the early disciples on the Day of Pentecost.”

Charismatics – Part 7
By: Dr. Thomas Figart

First Corinthians chapter 13 has shown the supreme value of love in the exercise of all spiritual gifts. Follow, or pursue has the connotation of a hunter. There should be considerable energy expended in the pursuit of love. This does not rule out spiritual gifts, but means that gifts are distinct from love.

Charismatics – Part 8
By: Dr. Thomas Figart

Instructions on the proper use of the gift of tongues.

Dr. Thomas Figart

Dr. Thomas Figart

Dr. Thomas Figart

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