Five Disturbing Changes Facing Our Nation

If we live in a society that is declining all around us, where can we find hope and optimism for the future? When we see economic decline, moral decline, decline in education, legal rulings that go against religions, and an unwillingness to criticize Islam, it's easy to feel hopeless.

About the Series

As we look at the many problems in today's world, we often find ourselves asking, Where Do We Go from Here? Join Dr. Erwin Lutzer, pastor of Moody Church, radio host, and best-selling author, as he presents five disturbing cultural trends that may be irreversible unless God intervenes. He then shares five unshakeable biblical truths Christians can rely on in a world of chaos and decline. You'll find yourself both inspired and equipped in your faith as your discover what God's Word teaches about our response to the problems around us in these three vital programs.

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