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God's Word to the World

God’s Word to the World




Your gift not only supports the John Ankerberg Show, but as a thank you God’s Word will be sent to an unreached people group on your behalf.

FOR A GIFT OF $30 an SD Card will be sent on your behalf

When you give a gift of $30 an SD card will be provided for people who don’t have the Bible. These cards are designed to provide high-capacity memory in a small size. SD cards are used in small portable devices such as mobile phones and audio players. People in many parts of the world have older mobile phones that are not connected to the Internet. Many of these people have no bibles in their language. Your gift can provide the New Testament in their heart language on an SD card that they can place in their phone and listen to.

FOR A GIFT OF $100 an SD Card & BibleStick will be sent on your behalf

When you give a gift of $100, both an SD card and a BibleStick will be donated on your behalf.  The BibleStick is specifically designed so that soldiers, refugees and others can use it to listen quietly to God’s Word. You can meet this important need with your generous gift.

FOR A GIFT OF $500 an Audio Proclaimer will be sent on your behalf

When you give a gift of $500, a portable audio proclaimer (like we have shown on our program) will be donated on your behalf. This will help an entire village hear God’s Word in their own language for the first time. The proclaimer disciples an average of 90 unreached people through local listening groups. In larger villages, entire churches are often started with a proclaimer.

FOR A GIFT OF $1000, 3 SD Cards, 3 BibleSticks and 1 Audio Proclaimer will be sent on your behalf

FOR A GIFT OF $5000 an audio recording of an ENTIRE CHAPTER OF THE NEW TESTAMENT will be translated for an unreached language group
(Additional chapters can be recorded for each additional gift of $5000)


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